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What's the fuss about Feminism!!

Wednesday August 02, 2017,

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Nowadays, Feminism is a much-spoken word. One of the most debatable topics on Social media, print media and around the globe. The perception is all different! Some find it liberating, some find it offensive and some don’t even know the word but it fits very well into their logic.

For me, as an individual, as a mom and as a part of the society I do carry a respect for the word and the word feminism is surely need of an hour. Perhaps, with so many turbulence around its imperative to know some ground realities which are not new to this word.

Feminism has a much broader aspect in term of empowerment & Freedom of choice. Since ages, there have been inequalities in terms of respect, rights, and freedom for women. Time and time again women are crucified for some or other immaterial logic. Still, with so much of development everywhere women are still fighting for their basic rights!

Rights to education

Right to Respect

Right to freedom

Right to decide

And right to be respected in all ways!

A profession and an education degree cannot be the only reason for the disparity & can never guarantee your freedom to live on your own terms. Certainly, education plays an important role in liberation. It gives you exposure to move around, to think better, and to inspect which is best for you.

But Still, Is this the only way by which we can empower ourselves or women around? If higher education is fulfilling the vacuum between inequalities then there wouldn’t have been cases of suicides of much-qualified women. Coincidentally, the word feminism is not restricted and centric to only women. There are many men who have worked hard and have been working for the emancipation. And surely not ignoring many women who are very much on the opposite track. So scrutinizing the word with gender is not justified.

Or on the contrary, why many educated women find it difficult to raise their voice against violence around them?Wearing clothes of your choice, solo –travelers, working women are a just byproduct of feminism. 

Let’s have a different perspective on this approach:

There is one old lady in her late fifties, who is a wife, a mom, a grandmother and a feminist! Now, what makes her different to call as Feminist? She is indeed a simple lady who has been selling vegetables to our apartment for the last so many years. Carrying a big and heavy basket over her head and going door to door. She is aged, and with the age, it’s not easy to do such menial job with so much of weight on her body. Her son also works but being an old and feeble is not an excuse for her to quit. She is fierce, confident and much happy with her work. In the last ten years, I have never heard her cribbing or complaining about her work, family and alcoholic husband.

She knows her expectations in her life and how to achieve it. Despite uneducated, she is indeed a strong lady who is clear of her path. But does she really know the word feminism? No, she doesn’t! But surely, the word feminist suits her to every extent and how she had not compromised on her deeds in her entire life. For her, spending life with respect and with her own term is top most.

Similarly, there is another set of women I know: Well educated, working/Non-working.

But as I see them they have restricted and confined themselves to boundaries. They have lost their freedom to think, to follow your passion and the word permission has entered in their routine. In fact, spending their own earned money requires permission. They can’t afford to spend a penny with their own choice.

When we talk about feminism it's all about choices we make for ourselves. 

Whether we want to work or to do social work? Whether we want to wear western of simple Indian wear?

And to follow where your heart takes you! 

To achieve your dreams despite all odds.

There are many successful women in the past who are still remembered with great respect and glory due to their gesture and who had believed in themselves without thinking of others.They fought for their rights all alone in their respective journeys. I still wonder, in this modern world where we women are standing as an individual?And when we will learn to make a niche for ourselves; without letting others dominate us.

Let’s rise, stand and make a presence of yourself-Fearlessly and Determined!!