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How I made myself the leading student In the class

This is My journey on How I became Lead Student in Class from the Student in Crowd

How I made myself the leading student In the class

Wednesday September 20, 2017,

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At the start of this article, I would like to tell you that this my real story and all the incidents mentioned in this are not fake. 


So this amazing story starts when I was in school.I was the typical boy who stays silent whenever the teacher enters the classroom and starts chit-chat with a bench partner during lecture breaks and recess.

I was the guy with no career planning like others (Now writing own story on YourStory) ;). My Mates with the dream of becoming a Doctor, Engineer or Businessman used to make fun of me some time (cause of my silence). Even I used to think that, they are superior to me and somewhere I am less. But, Now I have got the answer. That all things happened just because "I WAS SILENT."

I had joined external coaching classes since 9th standard as every school/junior college student does by the myth that coaching classes make us perfect in studies (This is my review). But the surprising fact in this is that wherever I joined the coaching class, I was in the Topper's List of that class with around 20-30 students (Yummy!). At that time I asked my friend, "We are in Scholar's batch here and in school, we are quiet ones. Why so? " Then he replied me, "We are afraid to answer teachers in school, but here we are friendly with them." At that time, I ignored him. But, today I found the power of his answer. He was right at that point.

So, you might have got My Descent image in your mind. Let's get back to the real part of My Story.

I was the same boy I described above till 12th STD. Doing hard work like Donkey (Home to College and College to Home stuff). One day, when I was returning to home from college by Bus, I met my best friend (from another college). As a teenager, I was interested in New Mobile and Gaming Stuff. He had bought a new mobile phone, and I was excited to click selfies with it. :) After diving into his cell, I went to the photo gallery where I found an excellent little Inspiration video which made me think. I asked him,"From where did you get this Video?" He replied back,"I don't know. Someone may have sent through WhatsApp. Just Delete that shit." And I was like,"How can he ignore this amazing stuff."

Turning Point In My Life...

I came back to HOME. I Thought a lot of that video and searched for same on YouTube. I watched too many videos of that guy, and after that, I was like "I AM GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD." Yo that videos made me inspired and gave me a great kind of energy I haven't ever felt. I decided to change myself. I committed that things will not work if I did the same. I wasn't sure What I am going to do, but I have decided that I have to change. 

I Took My First Step Towards Success

In 2016 Nov, I've committed this to myself that, "I am going to make 2017 as the Best Year Of My Life.". I wasn't sure what I am going to do, but I've decided to do with full of desire and faith inside me.

I was in 12th STD. Board exams were just 2-3 months close. But, I've made my mindset to change myself and not to stop and NOT TO wait for the PERFECT TIME. I've decided to make moment Perfect. :) And I did it.

I started reading books, As I wasn't the True Book Lover at That Time. I decided to read Love storybooks. The first book I've read was 'You were My Crush Till You said you Love Me.' By Durjoy Datta. This book made me fall in love with books. Then after I read 2-3 Lovestory book and then turned onto self-improvement books.

Some of My Favourites are: Who Will Cry When You Die - Robin Sharma, Think and Rich Grow - Napolean Hill, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - Robin Sharma and much...

As in the last days of junior college, reading books helped me a lot to concentrate on studies and in life. :) Yeah, Books are my Best Friends Now. Even nowadays I used to read a book a day. I am an official Book Reader now ;). It is indeed said by Warren Buffett, "Readers are Leaders." So this is how I managed my last days of college without wasting any time.

I made my own 'My Journal' where I used to write down all the things I liked in every day. And much more. Whatever I feel to write. You too, take a pen start dragging your thoughts or whatever your mind says. This helps us a lot. Give it a try.

Para, I liked & I wrote it Down

Due to some of the awesome habits like reading books, listening to music, meditation and all I've gained an impressive learning attitude. Now I try to learn new things from every moment. Every moment in our life has something to share with us. These things also affected my Daily Routine. Which is now as follows: I wake up at 5 AM, Bath, Meditation, Book Reading, Breakfast, College, Back to home in eve, WORK, study, and sleep. A lot of fun activities are involved in this which makes my day awesome.

Next Step...

I wasn't sure what I am going to do to grab my commitment but that learning attitude shown me what I am going to do. :) In the summer vacation, just after board exams I started learning Programming, Coding, Marketing, WordPress, Blogging and all. I learned a lot of things online on this vacation which took game-changing part in my life. I learned many things online (many= acc. to my age).

I started My Own Blog KipSmiling.com Where I started sharing My thoughts and all the inspirational and spiritual stuff (self-improvement). Because now I am the one who used inspire others. Yep, I love making other inspired and make them feel free.

To be honest, I've not started this blog for money. This attitude also came from books and all. The only reason behind starting this blog was to start something and to implement the things I've learned. And still, I am blogging here on My Favorite stuff. Sharing my thoughts and applying new techniques. 

This is award  I got :)

This is award  I got :)

Not this much, KipSmiling has been awarded in the 'Top 30 Inspirational Blogs WorldWide' by FeedSpot. In which Our Blog ranked 12th in that list which inspired me a lot. Which gave me superpower to move ahead enthusiastically. Even I found many new experts in this field to learn new things from them. I used to ask them any things that hit my mind. And much more things are there to learn from them all. This is award I got :) This was all done by ME. Yep, by the quiet guy in school. By the one who was searching for something to do in life. By the guy, who hasn't planned anything for future. Yeah, I that's what feels myself as I made my commitment. Yooo! I made it. I did it. :) And now I am not going to stop. Cause, I don't have to. I want to make things happen. I want to change my imagination into reality. I have to and I WILL. Now after all these things, I am not the as before I was. I am changing. I am not afraid to talk to teachers or any other unknown. I like to speak with faculty and foreign peoples. I like to make others happy. This behavior of mine made an incredible change in my life. I've learned many leadership skills. Not much but according to me, I'm better than others of my age are doing now. And now I am the one who will not be even afraid to talk with Principal of University. I'm trying to make a strong connection with them to learn new things. The primary intent of mine all the time is to grab something in mind new to make the garden of my mind full of beautiful and mindblowing fragrance. According to me, this age (teen) is the wonderful age where anyone can make things happen quickly and can bring unbelievable change in life. So, start taking action and stop procrastinating. Be the man of action. If you have any issue in programming, life or want some to talk with. Always feel free to make contact. I will try to bring a cute smile on your face. :) Thank You For Reading. KipSmiling :)