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How simple morning exercises can boost your life

Monday April 03, 2017,

4 min Read

There is an avalanche of research showing the benefits of morning exercise but most people still prefer to sleep more and ignore the benefits of physical activity during early hours. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, only one-third of adults in the United States engaged in a regular physical activity. Only one-fifth of the adult population engaged in morning exercise, which is very low.

While the decision to stay in bed longer certainly makes sense, it is not an option for people who need to achieve more. The benefits of simple morning exercises are many and clearly outweigh the benefits of staying in bed.

Let’s review the most important areas through which morning exercise can boost your life.

It Improves Productivity

The benefits of morning exercise in terms of productivity include more focus, creativity, and energy and improved brain function. These benefits are provided by the increased blood flow to the brain that improves the awareness and creativity. According to a recent study published in the Journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, regular physical exercise enhanced convergent and divergent thinking. They are considered two essential components of creativity, so their enhancement is a good thing for boosting creativity.

Also, morning exercise can enhance the ability of the body to transfer oxygen and glucose throughout the body. This improved transfer increases the energy level.

It Improves Your Professional Career

Improved productivity in people who exercise in the morning contributes to their success. According to the U.S. News, morning exercises relieve stress and prevent from being physically and mentally drained. Clearly, avoiding exhaustion is an important goal, given those crazy lifestyles we have nowadays. An employee with a clear mind and more energy will certainly accomplish more than the one who sleeps right to the critical point, says Martin Johson, who switched to morning exercise to improve his career at an essay writing service. Do not forget about the improved creativity as well: it has a profound importance in many modern jobs, so this particular benefit is very significant today as well. People with the best ideas generally get promoted much more often.

Higher accomplishment leads to promotions and rewards in the workplace. All because of the commitment to exercise in the morning.

It Improves Mood

Exercise is one of the most effective morning mood boosters. Not only it contributes to the release of endorphins that are often called “feel-good” chemicals but also they create the sense of accomplishment. Just simple exercise like jumping jacks and crunches can replace the hours of doing cardio to feel good about yourself. Some sources even suggest that people who exercise in the morning recover from stress and depression much faster than those who do not.

The impact of endorphins released as the result of the exercise therefore boosts your mood and help to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. You thus become less sensitive to the impact of stressors and develop better coping skills.

It Helps To Lose Weight

Morning exercise is a great way to lose weight for both men and women. As described in this Calorie Secrets article, morning is the best time for burning fat because hormones that accelerate fat burning (cortisol) are at high levels in the morning plus low blood sugar forces the body to look for other energy sources. As the result, you can more effectively lose weight if you exercise in the morning than in other time. Moreover, for some people it is easier to exercise at the beginning of the day while they still have sufficient energy levels to complete the workout.

In addition to improving productivity, you also can lose some weight while you’re at it.

Start your Day Strong

Morning exercise has four major areas of benefits that can boost your life: improved productivity, better chances for a successful career, better mood, and fitness. Just imagine what you can accomplish if you had the opportunity to enjoy all these great benefits? Well, you do not have to imagine too because you can start enjoying the for real. All you have to do is set your alarm clock a little bit earlier than usual and find a morning workout. Starting your next day strong will change your life forever.