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5 tricks to keeping your office space neat and tidy

If you recently moved into a new office space, you’ll want to make sure that your work area stays clean so that you can function in a safer, more productive space. Putting in the additional effort to keep your office tidy will also help you maintain a more professional work environment. Here are five tricks to keeping your office space neat and tidy.

5 tricks to keeping your office space neat and tidy

Wednesday February 21, 2018,

2 min Read

Use desktop containers

Pens, staples and other miscellaneous office items that you use frequently can be placed in small pots, jars and other containers for easy access. This will make it simpler for you to keep your desk tidy without having to fill up as much space in your desk drawers. Trays with separate compartments can also be used to help you keep your office items organized.


Buy quality cleaning products

To keep your office and the rest of your building clean, you’ll want to have some quality cleaning products on hand to eliminate the dirt and germs. Cleaning solutions that effectively kill certain viruses and bacterial strains are always good to use. There are also plenty of eco-friendly products available from companies like Peerless Building Maintenance or someone similar that can get your workspace clean without harming the environment.

Avoid eating at your desk

As careful as you might try to be, eating at your desk can leave behind messes. Crumbs can end up in computer keyboards and on desktops. Small remnants of food that may have gone unnoticed can attract bugs and other pests. Spilling any food or beverages could end up damaging costly office equipment.

Keep computer monitors clean

Dirty monitors are sometimes difficult to notice, but it’s still important to wipe them down regularly so that you can see images on your computer screen with maximum clarity. Cleaning your monitors can also eliminate certain germs that could make you sick. Using antibacterial wipes can cause damage to your monitor screens, so it’s best to use damp microfiber cloths or paper towels instead.

Thoroughly sanitize trashcans

If you don’t have janitors to empty your trashcans, you should empty them yourself regularly. After emptying them, try using some dish soap and water to rinse out the inside of each can. Thoroughly washing your trashcans after emptying them can eliminate a lot of the filth and germs that may have been left behind by your garbage.

Maintaining a clean and tidy office space will make your workplace more pleasant for you and your fellow coworkers. It’s possible to keep your office clean at all times by doing the extra work and being mindful of your habits.