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Startup at 52, After Being Housewife for 30 years

How It Started

Saturday January 28, 2017,

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I was very ambitious as a student and wanted to create a self identity in this world. But my dreams were ruined when I got married at 18 and lost myself for my husband and kids. All through 30 years I had been lost and never thought I could get myself a name which will be independent from my husband and kids. 

Life is a marathon of duties and responsibilies and as they say I completed my responsibilities when my kids settled in their job and marriage. Finally I got some time to think about myself. I got hold of internet and computers when I my son gifted me a laptop. Slowly I was exposed to the outer world and it inspired me how women of all age group and background were doing so many things and leading in their field. I was still unaware if I can do anything now at this stage. 

One fine day my son called me and said why don't you start a recipes website? I instantly said yes as I thought it will be one of his many ideas that he forgets in a week. That day he showed me the popular recipe websites and how much visitors they have every month. I was amazed at how much big they have made by something which for me was a routine for more than 30 years. I was a great cook for people who knew me which was not a huge circle to validate if I really cooked well. I thought atleast I should give it a try. I was ready to let my recipes be shared out in open in middle of the big names. 

In just two days he helped in setting up the website and handed over to me to start the work. The team was me and my daughter in law. I cooked, took photographs; she wrote recipes, tested it and uploaded the recipes to the website. In just one month we went live with 30 recipes at lakshmirecipes.com. We created the facebook page too. In just 4 months we have over 120 recipes and our facebook page has over 14,000 likes. I am working day and night, I feel a purpose in my life again.

Now I can proudly say "People know me know. I have my identity."