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Is Your Child Hiding Something?

Monday February 06, 2017,

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As kids grow older, occasionally they tend to distance themselves from their parents. It’s a very common thing that happens in most households. Every case is different and stems from reasons beyond comprehension for parents. For example, kids may distance themselves because they want to experience some sort of independence or privacy. However, such reasons are usually unacceptable for parents. But a little distance is good and advocated by life coaches and psychologists as it helps the kid grow healthy emotionally. But distancing yourself from your kid and completely letting go of the reins are two different things and occasionally the later tends to become very problematic. With the help of monitoring applications like TheOneSpy applications, parents can now allow their kids some supervised independence. Now you don’t have to feel like your kid is actually hiding something from you. Here’s how monitoring applications can help.



Bug their phones

If you feel like your kid has been hiding things from you, with the help of monitoring applications you can easily listen on to their conversations. Basically, the monitoring application helps parents understand what their kid has been talking about and with whom. Different discussions can help parents understand and get to the depth of their kids issues. Chances are if you have an otherwise normal relationship with your kid and they are still hiding something, it is usually something serious.You can also bug their camera which will help you see their surroundings. This feature works like a real spy feature where the individual can check out the target gadgets surroundings without any issue. This way you can figure out if the kid has been involved in any wrong habits or involved with the wrong crowds.

Monitor emails and messages sent and received

Monitoring communication channels is one of the best ways to get to the bottom of whatever you feel your kid has been hiding from you. In this digital era, most kids are involved with text messaging, IMs and emailing their friends and peers. Occasionally you will find kids discussing their problems with their friends which could either turn out to be beneficial or can also turn out to be very dangerous. Therefore, to be able to help your kid it is important that you go through their received and sent mails and messages. Sometimes checking their messages may feel like a breach of privacy, but you need to understand that you are doing this for their own good.

Tracking physical location

As kids grown older it becomes increasingly difficult to chaperone all of their outings. This is especially true in the case of working parents. However with the help of monitoring application you can now easily track your kid’s physical location. The monitoring application helps you track their location via GPS. Basically whenever your kid is outside, you can check their routes and locations. Moreover, some monitoring applications also allow setting GEO fence alerts. This feature is perfect for working parents who cannot timely check their kids’ location status. Instead they can put GO tags that send notifications in-case a specific fence is breached. So if the kid manages to enter a no-entry zone, the parent will automatically be notified.

Furthermore, you can also set routes and alternative routes which the kid can only take when they are going to a specific place or coming back from it. For example going to school is a regular activity and the parent can feed alternative routes that the kid can take but deviating from any of these will sound an alarm with the parent in the form of a notification.

Checking internet activity

Checking internet activity includes being aware of their social media accounts. Kids today enjoy posting and sharing different material on their social media profiles. The content that they share could show what the kid is actually thinking or feeling. It could help narrow down a lot of possibilities for the parents. Moreover, you should also keep an eye on your kids’ internet histories. This is specifically important as I can also help parents piece together what their kid maybe feeling, thinking or doing. You can also place filters in the form of words and complete phrases that will block specific dangerous sites from opening up.


Even if all these features are unable to help you get a clear distinguishable answer as to what your kid has been hiding, chances are you will have gathered enough clues to understand the issue. You can now piece it all up together to get to the bottom of the issue without any problem.

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