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LiFe Is all about finding yourself.

Strong, Bold ,unplanned life 

LiFe Is all about finding yourself.

Monday June 05, 2017,

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Hi Its me Faheema unisa.

I never planned my life whatever I want to do I just do it.
I believe in surprises, Life is all about live in the movement who know what happens the next secound .

Rules, plans, terms are always part of life its just that how you take in forward if you know that you can fight for your own life you can survive easily.

Yes, love challenges, life will have a deep meaning with challenges.

Either it's standing in front of your own family or community, Making a difference in your own statement takes a lot of time but gradually people will understand.

Love is a sign of beautiful feelings, it makes every human of this world dream.

Passion is what you would love to do 

Being positive is also a sign of human who knows how to fight