How are on-demand apps acting as ‘Lifesavers’ in this Coronavirus pandemic season?

The Coronavirus pandemic is now in full swing. The death toll has risen to 70,000, with more than 1.2 million people infected globally. To bring out people of distress, on-demand apps have come to the rescue. With the help of on-demand apps, people have access to essential commodities.

How are on-demand apps acting as ‘Lifesavers’ in this Coronavirus pandemic season?

Wednesday April 08, 2020,

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“If a pandemic happens, 40% to 70% of the people worldwide are likely to be infected in the coming year”, stated Professor of Epidemiology, Marc Lipsitch, Harvard School of Public Health, in February.

The pandemic is now in full swing. The death toll has risen to 70,000, with more than 1.2 million people infected globally. The impact of the Coronavirus is crystal clear globally. From the Great Wall to Times Square, there are no signs of people. People are in quarantine waiting for the pandemic to pass. Governments of various nations have imposed strict regulations. Nation-wide lock-downs are extended in various countries. 

The state of people 

People are confined to the walls of their homes. Some are binge-watching their favourite series on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, etc. Some are worried if they could eat tomorrow. Some are worried they are showing infections of the disease. Some are worried that their groceries are fast sinking. Some are worried because they don’t have medications for survival. 

“Psychologically, it is easy for people to ruminate and magnify their fears by imagining different possible scenarios without the knowledge of the virus”, says Alan E. Stewart, a psychology professor.  

These worries of people needed to be answered, right? How can people’s worries and queries be solved with them sitting in quarantine? 

The ‘Lifesavers’ - On-demand apps

To bring out people of distress, on-demand apps have come to the rescue. With the help of on-demand apps, people have access to essential commodities. By ordering on these online platforms, they get doorstep services. This greatly eliminates the fear of people to step out of their homes.

On-demand apps in Coronavirus

These on-demand app platforms manage same-day delivery as well. However, food delivery is made instantly by delivery professionals. In short, these on-demand apps act as Lifesavers to the majority of people globally. One of the major trends in business ventures is to develop on-demand services apps meeting people’s demands. 

Battle hunger with food delivery apps

“Even though the risks of COVID-19 are serious, consumers should continue to eat plenty of healthy fruits”, stated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People need food for survival. But they cannot access the restaurant down the street. To solve this issue, food delivery apps are delivering food orders to people’s doorsteps. Apps like UberEats, Doordash,etc., are meeting the demands of the people globally. Restaurants too have turned into delivery outlets due to lock-downs. 

People and delivery professionals are preventing transmission by adopting a ‘contactless’ delivery option. People instruct delivery professionals to place their orders in front of their homes. People pay for the order via online platforms like credit, debit cards, digital wallets, etc. The spread of infection is contained in this way. 

The food delivery apps have seen a maximum surge in this quarantine season. Delivery outlets in the US see a 64% increase in the number of orders. 

Get your essential products with Grocery delivery apps

Psychology Today, an online platform had stated that consumers were worried that disruptions caused by the virus would make it difficult to buy essential products in the future.  

As per the statement, consumers are demanding essential commodities. But in return, they see only empty shelves of grocery shops. To meet consumer demands, grocery delivery apps have stepped up to the picture. People can order essential products and get them delivered at their doorsteps. 

Apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery have all broken their download records in the wake of the pandemic. People panic buy essential products and are piling up their inventories. Grocery delivery apps are an instant hit this quarantine season. 

Let the doctors reach you

People are acquiring Nasophobia gradually. Nosophobia is an irritation of acquiring a disease. Constant media coverage and the fears created by the virus has taken deep root in people’s minds. People worry even if they get a common cold or a body ache. Hospitals are filled with coronavirus casualties. People cannot access hospitals or clinics. To help people, on-demand doctor consultation apps have risen. With these on-demand doctor consultation apps, people can reach out to their doctors through their smartphones. 

These online consultation apps have Electronic Health Records of patients consulting the doctors. Using the app, doctors can consult multiple patients sitting in a single place. People get online prescriptions from doctors through the app. Nations have already begun to impose online GPs (General Practice surgeries) to patients. 

On-demand apps like Practo, ZocDoc, etc., greatly benefit people by connecting them with the doctors they need. 

Access multiple on-demand services on the go

Ever imagined providing multiple services in a single app? Just think about it. People can order food, shop groceries, consult doctors, buy medicines all in a single app? This is the speciality of on-demand multi-services apps. They provide multiple services instantly through a single app. You may have come across Gojek, an online multi-services platform. Apps like Gojek are the need of the hour. 

People have considered on-demand apps to be their lifesavers this quarantine season. People can find it difficult to switch between apps and look for different orders to be delivered. Offering multiple services on a single app adds to easier accessibility for people. Moreover, these apps achieve reliability rates quickly and efficiently. 

The multi-service app business is so vast and huge. But it has only a few players worthy of competing. If business owners are looking for potential investment options, they can blindly invest in the Gojek clone app. The market can house multiple competitors offering the best services to the people. 

Summing up, 

On-demand apps are the rays of hope for people during this pandemic outbreak. It is only now people are experiencing the comfort of these on-demand apps. With the quarantine period continuing to expand further, these apps can help people in need by offering doorstep services. It is to be duly noted by the people that these services are delivered by delivery professionals keeping their lives at stake. So, make efficient use of these apps and let us fight this pandemic together by adopting social distancing.