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Top 5 Gadgets every Entrepreneur must have

Top 5 gadgets every new age entrepreneur must have.

Top 5 Gadgets every Entrepreneur must have

Thursday May 24, 2018,

6 min Read


Gadgets are invented to be used and some gadgets make your life easy while try to dominate you. Being an Entrepreneur, you would have a lot on your plate and you need to be prepared for every situation, no matter how big or small. These gadgets could help make things easier and progress work faster on the move. Without any delay, let’s check out the best of the best available in the market which is helpful but doesn’t dominate your lifestyle.

• Portable Keyboard

Practical application of portable keyboard is limitless. With just a little space to place the keyboard, you could use your phone to communicate or work much faster. The portable Keyboard can be used literally anywhere since everyone would be annoyed even using a tablet to type for longer periods of time. With a slim and weightless design, this device is a must-have for an entrepreneur. Preparing a presentation on the go, drafting emails, coding, important documentation and much more can be achieved with this device. There are only advantages with no disadvantages so far. Even with a lightweight luggage, this device fits in your bag. This keyboard has an unbroken, durable coating which protects it during travel and it can be wiped clean. They have excellent battery backup along with the Keys-To-Go with your iPhone to make things simple for you. For constantly traveling entrepreneurs, this is a must-have device since most of the work can be done during your travel. With just this device, you could carrying a laptop since your phone almost all the things the laptop does with this device attached to it, process is much faster and easier.

• Ultra Light Laptop Chargers

Laptop chargers are a hassle when you are moving around a lot. The charger wires along with the huge adapter make it much more difficult to carry it around all the time. To nullify this annoying issue, a portable, light charger has been invented. With minimal wiring, wall chargers and many more different types of chargers have been invented to ensure maximum productivity to the user. These chargers are usually 4X or 3X times smaller than the actual charger. The safety features for these chargers usually include ROHS and CE&FCC certified, made from heat-resistant ABS, quality copper wire along with protection over-charging and over-heating and short circuits. Other security features that you could look for would be low battery voltage shutdown, charging time temperature protection and standby time off.

• Smartwatch

Smartwatch is available at reasonable prices these days. The reason for the drastic decrease in their price is due to the consumers increase using these watches exponentially over the last few years. Most of the things that you do on the phone can be done from the watch which avoids using the phone so much. On an average, 4 years of one’s life is spent using mobile phone. 4 years doesn’t look that big but over a lifetime 4 years is quite a lot of time. In order to avoid this, watches compatible with your smartphones with a maximum of 7-day battery life. You will be aware of any notifications and calls via your watch instead of frequently checking your phone. The design resembles a normal watch with usually a stainless steel body with a leather strap. The extended battery life is always handy since you could minimize the use of your phone to save battery while the watch stays on standby for up to 7 days.

• Wocket Wallet

Go cashless is a concept that has been around for decades which has gained more importance due to the recent e-commerce growth. Wallets are common since most of the huge vendors and merchants accept digital currency. All your information would be stored in your wallet or even on your phone to make your purchase all the more easy. Money management is made easy with this device and all your debit and credit card information will be stored here. In case it is lost, it is biometric access only so no one can even access the wallet. Once all your information about several cards are stored in to this device, you could use one of them to be programmed to the Wocket card. This assist in using any of your card at any time by just selecting the one you need. Due to biometric security protocols, you could deactivate the wallet in case you lost it instantaneously.

• Smartpen

Bring your art to life with Smartpen. This device is a pen but slightly heavier than your normal pen. The basic working principle is that the device tracks tiny dots on specialized paper also provided by the vendor using a tiny infrared camera. Post which, the drawings or written notes will be transferred to the programmed device via Bluetooth into editable and types text. This is the next level of design and art that can be digitized without any effort of scanning. A pen can be used to sketch, write and even design machines with your ideas. So far, the best way to express your ideas via words can be done using this pen. A rough sketch can help you go a long way with your investors and fellow employees. The other excellent option is record audio while being used as a pen to while writing notes. It recognizes various international languages and is compatible with many devices. This can help an entrepreneur in more than ways that you can imagine.

I was going through a website which provided a thorough review and explanation along with the pros and cons of similar products. A website called Homus provides all the information you need about every device or gadget they sell via the e-commerce giant.

Final Thoughts

I did talk about this earlier and I’ll say it again- gadgets are meant to be under your control not the other way around. Use those gadgets to become a successful and smart entrepreneur in the most productive way. I hope this information will help you decide what exactly you are missing or what exactly you need to change in your gadget inventory.