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How they founded a million-dollar startup in 10th grade

The story of Vivek Tiwari and Nipun Khare, founders of Indore-based startup Dinclix GroundWorks

Friday July 08, 2016,

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Age is no limit to realize your true potential. Nipun Khare and Vivek Tiwari who just turned 18, are one of the youngest entrepreneurs from Indore and yet they've proven this right. Two years ago, in 2014 they founded their company Dinclix GroundWorks which used to specialize in web and application development. Today, the company provides cloud computing and storage services to many corporations around the world and is also developing advanced wearable devices and automobile vehicles.

"In 6th grade, I used to sell copies of PC games to my schoolmates and earned more than my pocket money, that was my first experience as an entrepreneur" says Vivek, who was caught smuggling video game CDs in his cram-school and was eventually ceased by his parents from doing his profitable business anymore. He started his monetized tech-blog 3TechJournal  when he was 14 years old.

2012 was the year when Nipun Khare joined Prestige Public School and he met Vivek, that's where both of them started their first venture as partners, SteezyDut's, was the name of their first startup where they used to sell t-shirts with creative design prints on them. However, they stopped after selling some unprofitable lots.

"We realized our mistakes, and learnt from it"

Then came one of the most important phase of their lives, the tenth grade. This is one of the first of the many 'Agni Parikshas' (tests of fire) given by any Indian school student. Everyone from your parents to your neighbour expects you to study hard and score at least a centum in 10th grade examinations, the ambience is quiet depressing and students start their preparations for their first ever test of fire. 

The birth of a dream

But for Vivek and Nipun, tenth grade proved to be life-changing. They wanted to make a wearable device which they called the B.R.A.C.E., and hence the birth of Dinclix GroundWorks took place. Vivek, who used to provide web-development services now did this under the banner of a company he and his partner founded. Meanwhile, they did score good in their tenth grade examinations.

They started providing cloud computing and storage services, with dirt-cheap prices they were able to find many local tech-companies. The company kept growing and today they have two registered offices around the world with their services spread worldwide.

DGW has more than 35 employees around the world, a research facility and a data-center in Indore. Projects like B.R.A.C.E., D.E.U.S are still under development. "At Dinclix GroundWorks R&D, we're developing products that could help us eradicate global problems like climate change and global warming. We have a mission to make the world a better place." says Vivek, who holds the position of CEO at DGW.

"Global oil supply can't meet global oil demand forever, there will be a day when we would run out of fuel to power our vehicles, to power our houses. The only way I see is to either find alternative energy sources, rely more on green-energy or create products that would use marginal fuel" says the COO, Nipun Khare.

These guys have a big dream and a long way to go. We wish them a bright and a successful future waiting ahead.