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5 Ways to Improve Work Culture

Thursday February 09, 2017,

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In today’s day and age, there is a lot of stress given to the work culture of a company. Smaller deadlines and burgeoning competition, added with the need to multitask now and then, have created a stressful environment. This affects not only the productivity but also percolates into personal space, as well. Companies are realizing that the key to optimal productivity is a happy employee, as happy employees lead to happy customers, which in turn increases the business turnover.

So, without much beating around the bush, we present to you 5 simple ways in which you can improve your company’s work environment.

1. Instill Passion in your Employees:

Gone are the days of humble beginnings, with the zeal to reach the zenith. Often the employees feel that the work they do doesn’t have a direct impact on their environment or the world in general. Studies state that employee-employer engagement and openness guarantees better outcomes, owing to a purpose being added there.People need to feel passionate about their work and their company, enabling a common goal, in order to really excel at their job. Passion and a sense of purpose in employees often leads to people feeling motivated to work better.

2. Be flexible:

We end up relating Flexibility to timings, but it encompasses behavior as well. Corporate heads need to empathize with their employees, honing a genuine emotion of compassion and equality.Companies allow their employees to take holidays, add flexibility to working hoursetc. This would help in increasing employee retention and also generate a positive environment in the office.Flexible work plans for women should be promoted and ensconced.

3. Promote Team Players

This is an important aspect when it comes to promoting and building a proactive work environment. Your employees should feel like they are a symbiotic part of the group rather than a bunch of people who simply work together. Companies should have weekly team building exercises and promote communication, thoughexchange of ideas within a team.

4. Reward employees for their work:

Company heads must understand the importance of rewards. According to Maslow’s hierarchy, post-fulfilling basic needs, humans strive towards achievements, to feel validated. People may feel motivated through money yet solely money doesn’t create the passion to succeed. In order to get consistent and proactive results, employees should be rewarded onboth monetary and non-monetary basis.

5. Transparency:

Your employees must feel like an integral part of the organization as that it leads to increase in ownership. Always opt for an open-door policy as making decisions behind closed doors leads to growth of employee distrust in the organization. Employees need tobe kept in the loop of decision-making. People should feel that they can simply approach their employer without any hesitation. The employer should also create a culture of open communication, enabling employees to approach him at any time.

This article has been contributed by Mrs Kavita Nigam, GM, HR, & Publicity & Promotions, Karam Industries