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Exciting Birthday Present Ideas for Girlfriends

Exciting Birthday Present Ideas for Girlfriends

Friday February 17, 2017,

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The word “happy” in happy birthday traces back to the ancient times when Britain was under the rule of Roman Empire. Apis (meaning “hap”) was the holy God which was religiously worshipped by the people then. The word “happy” is derived from the same.

So, when you wish somebody “Happy Birthday”, you truly wish God to protect the person in sickness and health.

Over the period, a little modification has been brought in, wherein people give gifts on birthday as a token of their love. The tradition of gifting on a birthday is an interesting gesture of generosity. It comes from the inner you to depict the feelings for your beloved ones without expecting anything in return.

Therefore, gifting holds a significant value in maintaining and strengthening the relationship with your loved ones: friends, family, neighbor, relatives, lovers, etc.

Gift an expression of love

No other day that belongs to you is as much important as your birthday. Choosing a gift for birthday for your girlfriend is not an easy task. The dilemmas of her liking the gift increase with the number of gifting choices available.

No worries, though. Our gifting experts have compiled a few birthday gifting ideas for your girlfriend to make her day. Breathe easy and explore them!

A diamond studded ring

Girls/women have for a thing for diamond. There is an unappeased energy that draws their attention towards it. Their fascination for diamonds never fades.

Diamonds are a symbolic message of romance- the sculpting process of diamonds is quite intensifying. The process through which a diamond is grinded and molded represents the extent of love and passion.

Get her a diamond studded ring and make her fall in love with you again. Gold or silver- entirely depends on your pocket size. Contemplate and choose accordingly.

A personalized notebook

A woman’s heart is like an ocean full of unsaid secrets. Get her a personalized notebook, so that she can doddle her heart out. It will serve as a medium of portraying her heartfelt expressions.

Every girl finds happiness in minimal things, especially if they are personalized. They like them and treasure them for the lifetime. You can have the cover photo of it crafted with a picture of the two of you two together. If that sounds cheesy, then a thoughtful picture of her on it is not at all bad option.

A one piece dress

A woman and her undying love for a one piece dress should be written in the great books of mythology.

You have a few choices here to look out for .

• A casual maxi

• A Slip Dress

• A Sheath Dress

• A Flared Dress

• A Lace Dress

• A Party Dress

• A fabulous gown

Before buying for one, do consider the length of the dress and her figure. You need to make sure that she looks beautiful and trendy. Besides, all of them are budget-friendly.

A cosmetic kit

For woman/girls walking into a cosmetic store is like walking into Disneyland.

Give the woman of your dreams that look with a cosmetic kit subsuming an anti-aging cream, eye shades, mascara, and bright shade for cheeks.

Her desire to look young and bold is boundless. It makes her feel confidence in parties, social events, festivals, dates and other occasions.

A travel backpack

There is no woman yet know who dislikes traveling. She likes to escape the world. She needs a break from her tedious life. Have her say a good-bye to that monotonous life.

Give her wings to discover the world, to increase her realm of imagination and more importantly to find herself.

A light-weighted travel backpack is quite a handy present for her future expedition endeavors.

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