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Raprika is solving the biggest weekend question – “Aaj ka kya plan hai?” (What’s the plan tonight?)

Raprika is solving the biggest weekend question – “Aaj ka kya plan hai?” (What’s the plan tonight?)

Wednesday October 05, 2016,

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It’s Friday evening and you are eagerly waiting to finish the day off at your office or campus when suddenly your phone buzzes with a WhatsApp notification. You pick up your phone to find your BFF asking that dreaded question – “Aaj ka plan kya hai?” (What’s the plan tonight?) Suddenly all other questions in life appear easy to answer. You muster all your intelligence and collective experience of all those years and then finally manage to get a brilliant answer – “Nothing, you tell!”

Sounds like the replay of every other weekend, doesn’t it?

Well, dread no more, as there is a startup working hard to answer this question for you, so that you don’t have to. Raprika – your party hub! helps you discover the best parties in Delhi NCR. Co-founded by two brothers in 2015, Raprika has created a web of services around the party ecosystem in Delhi NCR. The younger of the brothers Rahul Singh is a party buff and the elder, Priyadarshi Singh is an IIM Ahmedabad graduate. Together they have taken to answer this question for us all – “Aaj ka kya plan hai?” (What’s the plan tonight?)

Raprika was conceptualized when Rahul saw a lot of confusion among his friends about places to party or the kind of parties to go to. Rahul says:

I always watched my friends always confused about what parties are happening around, what are the must go to party places around. There were parties happening in clubs and five star hotels which most of the people wanted to go to but were not aware about. And they had no go to place to get this information. Some of them asked friends, others tries to gather info from multiple FB pages and so. It was a different level of chaos everywhere. That’s when I decided to turn my passion into my profession.

Thus raprika.com was born around Dec’15. In mid 2016 Raprika also launched its app which can be found on the Play Store and the App Store.

The Raprika Blog also publishes the latest and the hottest updates about parties in Delhi NCR. You can subscribe to the Raprika Newsletter to get into their VIP Guest list and enjoy premium and early access to hottest parties and updates.

Currently active in Delhi-NCR, Raprika is looking to expand aggressively. Priyadarshi Singh, popularly known as PD shed some light on the future plans:

We are very excited to be part of this budding and rapidly expanding events industry. India right now is as hot and hungry for parties and events as it is hot for startups. We are currently working hard to establish ourselves in Delhi. Soon we will be entering other markets like Bangalore and Mumbai. Watch out Raprika for best parties, especially with the party season approaching fast.

Together Rahul and PD have built a team of IIT and IIM grads and are taking on the likes of the big boys – bookmyshow, eventbrite and eventhigh. They are currently operating in the bootstrapped mode but as PD says, they will be looking out for funding soon.

Watch out for this logo, for the moment you see it, you know that you are in for an awesome party!