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Main Aspects Considered by Students to Study in France

Top Reasons to Study in France

Main Aspects Considered by Students to Study in France

Wednesday October 11, 2017,

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Renowned for its rich history, sophisticated way of life and beautiful sights, France is one of the most popular destinations in which students prefer to study. The culture, museums, and food account for its popularity. French business schools have a worldwide reputation for quality education and competitive outlook. Below are the top eight reasons that make France an ideal destination for studying abroad. It is loaded with museums, historical buildings, and cathedrals which make students feel home.

1. Academics

The French invest heavily in research. France has held its prominent place in subjects like Biology, Medicine, Genetics, Physics, and Astrophysics. The courses like management, engineering, political sciences, etc. are taught in English making it easy for international students. France ranks second in Europe and fourth in the world in the Information Technology sector.

2. Rich in Culture

France is rich in culture and has a lot to offer to the international students. From the amazing French food to the classic French literature, one can enjoy the vibrant culture that includes live concerts, art galleries, music, etc. Not to mention the famous French cuisine.

3. Affordable Education

The cost of higher studies in France is quite reasonable as compared to the other popular study destinations like the US and the UK. There are a lot of funding and grants that are offered to the international students.

4. Located in Central Europe

France offers rolling countryside to urban alleyways, and it is centrally located which makes it readily accessible to the other European destinations. This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy travelling as they can visit the scenic locations nearby during study breaks.

5. Great Job Opportunities

Students with a degree from France have a leading edge on the job front because of the network of partnerships between the institutions of higher education and top companies. Moreover, the French government recently made employability mandatory.

6. Quality of Life

The health care system in France is modern and accessible, and the public transportation is affordable. In addition to low-cost restaurants, students pay discounted prizes at museums and other events. France offers a variety of landscapes, from sea coasts to mountain ranges with an intriguing palette of recreational possibilities.

7. Opportunity of Learning French

French is a popular language and is easy to learn. It becomes easy to learn French if one is familiar with English. By learning the language, students can widen their career options available for students. They can easily opt for jobs in their chosen fields, and the basic knowledge of French is an added advantage.

8. Availability of Scholarship

The overall cost depends on many factors and varies depending upon the institution where the students can enroll. There are several scholarships available for the students of all countries. The European Union provides similar scholarships to the eligible students. The financial aids also depend on your nationality.

Thus, Study in France  is a good career choice because of the academics, rich culture, affordable education and its central location. The great job opportunities, quality of life, opportunity of learning French and the variety of available scholarships can be a good reason for students to choose studying in France.