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Facebook launches ‘brand collabs manager’ to boost influencer marketing

Facebook has launched a new platform Brand Collabs Manager to connect influencers with brands to reach the more ideal target audience and build brand awareness.

Facebook launches ‘brand collabs manager’ to boost influencer marketing

Wednesday July 18, 2018,

3 min Read


Facebook has launched a new platform that is called ‘Brand Collabs Manager’. Brands and influencers or content creators can use this platform to connect with each other. Even before this platform was introduced, brands have been connecting with influencers to market their product. However, this platform offers both, the brand and the influencers a better platform to connect and find each other.

Brands can use this platform to find influencers based on their preferences and their ideal target audience. The page will also allow brands to search for influencers based on demographics such as places where they are popular, their audience can also be used as a criterion while searching for influencers.

The Brand Collabs Manager requires the influencers to register themselves and build a profile. The profile can showcase the content that they choose, collaborations with other brands in the past. Specific details such as where they are based, their website or any other such details that will be relevant for brands that are looking to collaborate with them.

Brands and content creators can benefit from this platform. Since Facebook is banning and removing profiles that have cheated their way to a high number of followers, thus giving all the real content creators a fair chance to get discovered by brands.

Many brands have handed over their social media handles to external firms. These firms call themselves social media marketing agencies. By launching this platform, Facebook has made life a little easier for these agencies. With all the tools and information that has been offered on this platform, collaborating with influencers has become easier. Most digital marketing agencies resort to influencer collaborations as a method to reach more people.

Influencers play an important role in social media marketing. An influencer can be of great use to a brand when the target audience of an influencer and a brand are similar. The influencer helps build the awareness of the product or the brand. Such type of marketing can be called social media influencer marketing.


When it comes to brand collaborations, people often ask – Why Facebook? We have the answer to that question. Here are some reasons why –

Popularity – 

Facebook has proven to be the most popular social media channel with 1.94 billion active users per month.

Engagement – Not only is it popular, it has a high regular engagement too. Out of the almost 2 billion users, at least 1.25 billion of them log into the platform every day

Influencer’s choice – 

According to a study, Facebook is the second most preferred platform among influencers. They consider it to be almost as effective as Instagram in executing an influencer marketing campaign.

Analytics – 

Facebook provides its brands with an inbuilt analytics tool called Insights. It helps you track and monitor the performance of the Facebook influencers and it helps make understand the demographics that make up your target audience.

This new platform may help boost social media influencer marketing because this platform is dedicated to helping make it easier for influencers and brands to get noticed by each other. Since this platform is on Facebook, this might also increase brand and influencer collaborations on Facebook itself.

Facebook’s new platform might be a step in the right direction as more and more brands are realizing the effect of influencers and social media marketing. This tool can help smoothen the process of brands collaborating with influencers.