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How to find the right topic to write

As a writer, I have always struggled to come up with the topic that is unique and interesting at the same time. We, writers, write for readers more than anybody else. Hence, while coming up with the new topic it is indeed a tough choice to make. 

How to find the right topic to write

Thursday March 16, 2017,

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What do I write? How do I come up with the topic that is worth giving a read? In case these questions have been haunting you lately – here is how it shall get answered.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA – Your greatest inspiration is going to knock at your social media accounts. You got to keep it open (literally). Check your twitter feeds and Facebook wall you would immediately come across what the trends are. These trends are mostly opinions and you can definitely write opinionated posts either for the motion or against.

2. PROFESSION – Think about your job, your workplace and your profession in a broader sense. What are the questions you have been searching answers for? For example, a graphic designer would like to know what latest software updates are; a content writer would like to know how to get into content marketing. Find out, what are the question you would like to read about and then write about them.

3. HOW TO SERIES – How to articles are most popular. You need to focus on them. Everyone wants to know the directions and get the guidance. How to write ups are surely going to work. For instance – how to write a poem, how to bake a cake, how to stay positive, how to grow in career and so on.

4. GOOGLE TRENDS – Searching on google trends would surely guide you. Google trend is a facility provided by the google which tells us what is trending around the world and what is not. Carefully go through it and I am sure google trends can easily help you out in finding the product.

5. PERSONAL ADVICE TIPS – We writers own a lot to share isn’t it? Why not make a blog post out of it instead? There are a number of writers and readers across the world who are seeking for advice. Pour it out on your blog posts. Personal advice definitely add a human touch which enhances your image as a writer.

6. FOLLOW THE TOP ONES – Following the top ones would give you a lot of insight on the workable topics. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to copy. Suppose a leading site writes about why the start-ups are booming in the country, you can write on something else that related to starting-ups. Perhaps you can consider writing on the failing of start-ups.

Finding out topic could be a tedious task. What you might feel worth a share may not be a worth reading post for the readers. A writer should always understand that there is a sleek line between what you want to write and what the readers want to read. You should learn to hold that line of difference before you begin your hunt for topics.