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7 amazing ways to use mosaic bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles are known to be boring and monotonous! However, you can change that perception completely with mosaic tiles. These come in various patterns and styles. This helps you choose from a wide range and give a wonderful makeover to your bathroom. This article discusses 7 brilliant ways you can remodel the bathroom with mosaic bathroom tiles.

7 amazing ways to use mosaic bathroom tiles

Tuesday September 05, 2017,

3 min Read

Bathroom is a private space and that is precisely why you should make it look more attractive! Decorate the space with mosaic tiles to bring in vividness. The specialty of mosaic bathroom tiles is that it can give you the look you desire. Subtle or vibrant – any look is possible with these little wonders. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use them for your bathroom makeover:

Light the floor up!

Let the bathroom floor sparkle with shiny mosaic floor tiles. Add more charm to an all-white bathroom with these tiles. Decorate a white tiled bathroom with muted grey coloured tiles or ecstatic pink coloured tiles. The look could depend upon your choice entirely!

Co-ordinate bathroom tiles with accessories

Are you looking to give the bathroom a subtle feel? Make it look more neutral and consistent by matching the tiles with accessories. Match the tiles around the basin with the tiles around the mirror. Imagine a white basin on a shimmering mosaic base. Isn’t it a pretty picture? Match these and create a stunning look!

Introduce glitter

Install shimmering mosaic bathroom tiles to make the bathroom stand out. Position the lights in such a way that it highlights the glimmering tiles and makes the bathroom look spectacular. This idea could work great for seamlessly white bathrooms.

Introduce artistic panels

Add a punch to your bathroom with colourful tiny mosaic tiles. These can make the space look classy. You could add these behind your mirror or on the floor. Also, this allows you to play with colours. Mix and match bold colours with light colours. Create a look that pleases your eyes every day!

Cover from floor to ceiling with bathroom tiles

Imagine the whole wall adorned with mosaic tiles? Very picturesque, right? If you love ecstatic colours and experimenting, this look is for you. It will add more texture to your bathroom. You can also look at the exotic wall tiles collection of AGL Tiles!

Details around the mirror

The mirror is one installation you could experiment with as much as you want. The idea is to enhance the look of the area. You could either choose a mirror that looks extravagant in itself or install mosaic bathroom tiles around the mirror to make it look elegant.

Elegant shelves

Shelves are the classic corners of a bathroom. Generally these are ignored, but if played with, they can change the entire look of the space. Add mosaic tiles to these shelves and make the section look awesome. You can also add a few lights that highlight the shelves.

Make your bathroom look stylish and lavish with mosaic bathroom tiles. It can not only make it look amazing, but also is better if you’re looking for long term durability.

Ready to remodel your bathroom? You could explore the wide collection of AGL tiles and beautify any part of your abode!

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