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Advantages of Outsourcing eBay Product Listing Services

Advantages of Outsourcing eBay Product Listing Services

Thursday January 17, 2019,

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It takes less than a second to make a first impression and more often than not, first impression is the last impression.

Therefore whether you are meeting someone in person, chatting with a person online or selling something online, first impressions do matter. 

All e-commerce businesses work on creating a positive impression in the minds of the buyer so that they are encouraged to know more about the product or brand.

Ever wondered how do these e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay with sales running in millions of rupees per day do to create a good first impression?

Product Listing.

Your product listings determine how well the reader/buyer is able to grasp all the information about your product or brand that you present. There are thousands of products listed online and the quality of your listing determines if your product is searchable amongst those thousands.

You’re probably thinking…How do I create a listing good enough to make a positive impact on the minds of the buyer??

Well…there are different aspects to a product listing. A good product listing includes use of proper keywords, use of appropriate titles and descriptions, complete specification about the item, pricing and shipping charges, returns etc. 

Let’s assume you are a seller on eBay looking to sell your products to the huge audience of users out there! Creating an eBay product listing is probably the first and the most important step in the direction.


But it is also a lot of work and something which requires professional expertise. From researching keywords to understanding how eBay’s search engine works so as to make your listings searchable amongst hundreds and thousands of similar products available online.

As an e-commerce business owner you already have a lot on your plate in terms of PR& Marketing, Operations, Logistics etc leaving little or no room for management of online listings. 

Therefore, it’s best to outsource product listing services to a third party who have the expertise and resources to get it done effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Outsourcing eBay Product Listings:

eCommerce product listing is a lot of work and therefore it is impossible to do it all in-house, simply because business owners already have a lot on their plate and hiring a resource specializing in e-commerce listing is not just expensive but also difficult and therefore businesses these days find it easier to outsource.

  • Saves Time and Money – All e-commerce business owners would relate to it. Outsourcing product listing saves them a lot of time to focus on other core tasks of the business. Moreover, it is cheaper to outsource the task to a third party for a flat fee than hiring a full time salaried resource in-house to do the task. Add to it other employee benefits like Leaves, Allowances etc and the amount is way more than what you pay to an outsourcing company for the particular task.

  • Task Done by Experts – These outsourcing companies have resources with proper skill and experience to perform a task. Therefore you can rest assured that your business is in the right hands. Professionals perform the task efficiently and diligently utilizing all the tips and tricks to maximize the listing.

  • Use SEO-driven Strategies – An e-commerce store is as good as being non-existent if it does not appear in user’s searches for products. Not to ignore the fact that there are thousands of similar products being sold. These require use of certain SEO-related tactics like keywords, image tags etc. This is best done by e-commerce professionals who have the necessary skills to research proper keywords as per different e-commerce portals like Amazon, eBay.

  • Uploading New Products – Those who know eBay’s working well would know that as an e-commerce store owner you need to keep on adding new products. Adding new product listings signals to the search engine that you are an active seller and would improve the rankings of your old listings. This is easier if you have outsourced your listing services as they are professionals who can quickly upload new listings. Also in case of bulk upload, they also use software like Turbo Lister and Vendio. This not only saves time but also ensures efficiency.

  • Product Categorization – It is very important to list your products under the correct category else it will not be found in the searches. E-commerce professionals in different outsourcing companies are adept at handling various products and listing them under the appropriate categories. 

  • Greater Accuracy – In product listing, data entry with accuracy is paramount. Most e-commerce outsourcing companies are well experienced in managing all e-commerce platforms and therefore ensure a high level of accuracy and diligence in tasks. They take care to include even the smallest details about your product like SKU, Color, Dimension and Weight etc which can be used in product descriptions. That way you can be sure of a proper, detailed and 100% accurate listing.

  • No conflicts in Work Relationships – Who doesn’t need a small well knit team to work with but let’s face it when the work pressure increases, it can cause frictions within the team as you may feel one or the other team member is not doing his best. This can at times affect your personal relation with your team mates too. Once you decide to outsource you do not have to worry about anything like that as you maintain a very formal and contractual arrangement with the vendor and is strictly limited to the scope of work.

  • Increase in Conversion Rates - There are different aspects to eBay product listing. From utilizing proper images to writing proper keyword-rich catchy titles and descriptions for products. There are different skill sets that go into making a proper product listing. Outsourcing companies normally have skilled resources to pay attention to all these different aspects. They have copywriters who write catchy titles and descriptions to capture a buyer’s attention thereby increasing conversion rates.

Managing eBay product listing services can be challenging and a bit overwhelming requiring a lot of time and resource to complete it in-house. E-commerce business should focus on the expansion of their product range and operations rather than get stuck with mundane tasks like data entry, product listing etc.


Outsourcing helps you do that. Choose the right outsourcing partner and watch them take over the tasks while your e-commerce business flourishes.