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Checkpoints to invest money in HYIP

Checkpoints to invest money in HYIP

Monday July 23, 2018,

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Nowadays, Cryptocurrency is very popular. Most of the people want to invest in crypto websites. There are many investments websites in the market which, offers a good return on your investments. But all are not real and stable. Most of them are doing scamming. Then, how you can check that website is really paying or not? Even monitors are not showing real status.


There are some points which you can check during the investment.

1.Website plans:- You need to check the website’s plan very carefully. Don’t make a deposit if you fill plans are not looking real. Some scam websites making very attractive plans, low investment and double or triple returns. Please don’t invest in these kinds of websites, use your mind and knowledge.

2. Investment duration:- This is a very important point to avoid loss. If website holding your money long time and you can’t make withdraw a request that means there is something wrong. Please avoid long time investment. Always choose daily or weekly payout.

3.Website statics:- You can check the statics on the website like running days, last deposits and last withdraws. These statistics are very important. They should be on the website if the website is not showing the statics, it means it could be a scam.

4. Functionality or script:- Website should be user-friendly and should have auto withdraw options. There are many crypto script development companies in the market but all are not good. Their scripts are not secure they could be hacked anytime. EC HYIP is most reliable crypto script development company.

5. Social media accounts:- Website should have social media accounts where the users can give reviews about there services. You have to check these things before invest. You can check forums/ Facebook/ twitter etc.. to know the trust factor of the website.

There are some trusted investment websites like arbitrage-bot.com, bitcontainer.io, and bitprofessional.org. You can check and invest them.

Please follow the above-mentioned steps before making an investment in HYIP websites, I hope these steps will help you to analyze the spam websites.