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Things that happen over a cup of tea.

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to talk about intimate health issues, with a stranger looking into your eyes? Can something be done to make it less embarrassing ? 

Friday June 24, 2016,

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15th, November 2015

On a warm Sunday afternoon in November, Sudhir and Ashish met one more time. They had been discussing the use of technology in solving some of the raging healthcare problems that no one was looking at.

With decades of experience in managing patients first hand, they did know a thing or two about what was amiss.

Why the deaths due to cervical cancer and breast cancer are showing no signs of abating despite rapid advances in medicine?

Why fertility related issues are sky-rocketing?

Why the divorce rates are shooting off the charts?

Why no one is talking about sexual dysfunctions despite high morbidity related to sexual disorders?

Why is the use of i-pills on the rise when safer options are easily available?

Why the youth are still falling prey to HIV and such deadly diseases?

These questions are not that simple to answer ? But the two docs could clearly see some common attributes in this diverse scenario.

Lack of awareness, embarrassment in seeking help, lack of availability of the right experts, fears and anxieties in addressing the most intimate issues and cultural inhibitions and taboos.

A sexual health issue not only affects the individual , it hits the partner equally hard. People continue to suffer in silence for ages before they decide to seek help. In many cases , they decide to just live with it .

But sometimes , this can be dangerous. Take the example of a lady in her late forties , who simply ignores abnormal vaginal bleed and thinks perhaps it’s the sign of approaching menopause.

How many ladies in India get a regular pap smear done?

She ignores the issue until she can no longer bear it. When will she seek help? Will there still be enough time?

It is with such issues in mind that the duo decided to offer a simple solution.

Use of technology, to overcome fears and anxieties .

To connect people with top experts at the click of a button .

To provide absolutely confidential and high quality services from the comfort of homes without any embarrassment.

Thus was borne drsafehands.com on Valentine’s day !!

By March end, they could convince the specialists and super-specialists doctors to be on board from across the nation. Many offered to provide free services while others slashed their consultation rates by 80 to 90 percent to help people. DrSafeHands after all was all about doctors spreading happiness.

By early April, the platform had a thousand users everyday , reading the informative articles on the blog , chatting , asking queries, thanking doctors.

The numbers continue to rise. DrSafeHands is quietly spreading its wings in the world with increasing traffic from Canada, USA , UK and the Middle East.

What next ?

“We intend to provide home diagnostics” says Dr Sudhir Gupta.

Sudhir knows what he says. Afterall, he is one of the Co-founders of Cygnus Group of Hospitals , an eleven hospital network in North India and growing.

“ This decision is purely driven by our doctors and users” Ashish chips in.

When a urologist advises a patient of erectile dysfunction some basic hormone studies , he typically asks – can drsafehands do it ?

When he has got the consultation with so much ease , why not the tests also.

DrSafeHands stands committed to provide complete solution to intimate health needs.

It also intends to spread awareness so that no young boy or girl falls prey to HIV , no diabetic man avoids looking in the eyes of his partner , no one falls prey to quacks selling harmful and useless drugs at exorbitant rates and no couple separates on account of sexual incompatibility .

Tomorrow is again a Sunday. Packets of biscuits lie on the kitchen shelf besides a box of lemon tea bags. The difference is , this time Sudhir and Ashish are not alone. They have a team of young techies and doctors bustling with new ideas and raring to go…..