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Top Enterprise Team Chat Apps that Fuel Constant Connect Anywhere, Anytime

Top Enterprise Team Chat Apps that Fuel Constant Connect Anywhere, Anytime

Thursday February 16, 2017,

5 min Read

Inter-office messages sent through business messaging apps enjoy 95% higher immediate-response rate

Why would any organization, small or big, miss leveraging on this fact? It is true that enterprises are spending a lot to create their own chat application to improve communication, team collaboration and accessibility at all levels.


Building apps for enterprise communication are certainly tough than for any other purpose as the prerequisites and preferences differ largely from one organization to other. Finding the best player among a pool of team chat app developers and enterprise messaging solution is a lot more tougher. 

Dive into this further and you’ll get a fair idea on where to start with. The following is a list of enterprise messaging service providers and platforms you can actually count on.

Contus Fly

Contus Fly is a versatile chat app development solution that’s preloaded with aspects that cater enterprise-grade needs like high scalability, top-of-the-line security, personalizations besides other sophistications. 

It is a native solution and hence performance is certainly uncompromising. Contus Fly’s multiple platform support knocks off compatibility issues. Backed by some of the most recommended technologies like Ejabberd, Erlang and Amazon Cloud, Contus Fly is one of the best team chat app solution.


Teamchat is a yet another chat app solution that’s cool enough to serve a wide range of enterprise level communication requirements. The platform can be used as standalone and can be integrated into other apps and website as well making it a multi-usable chat app platform that saves development time and effort. It can be used for multi-channel messaging as well like Email, Facebook, Twitter etc.,

Apphitect IM Solution

Apphitect IM solution is a readymade mobile app solution to build native instant chat applications for enterprise communication, personal chats, in-app chats and social messaging. The multi-faceted app solution is offered by Apphitect, an 8-year-old mobile app development company in UAE.

Built on Ejabberd and other technicalities that power WhatsApp, Apphitect IM solution is native. Apphitect has so far built apps for businesses belonging to healthcare, automobiles, retail businesses and education.


Group chat, personal chat, video calling, video chat - Hipchat has it all! Hipchat is platform independent, be it iOS, Android, Windows or Linux you can have it running on anything you are comfortable with.

Simple screen shares, group video chat, integrations of marketing and other collaborative tools like Jira, Bitbucket, MailChimp, GitHub can be integrated with HipChat allowing not only marketing teams but also development community of your organization to collaborate and work.


Flock is for teams with various purposes and varied sizes. Flock has tailored its services into general teams, development teams and enterprise teams which help them provide customized or purpose-driven features that’s appropriate.

Virtual meetings are no more a video conferencing like setup. Flock provides features that drive employee engagement like opinion polls as well. Personal setting include reminders, profile personalization and much more.


Redbooth brings task management and instant messaging to a single interface thus providing a central panel through which employees can collaborate and be productive as well. One-to-one, group chats, file shares, task delegation and discussions become easy.

Adding more to file sharing capabilities, Redbooth provides previewing provisions of files and images from Box, Evernote. It is available in both deployment model or can be hosted on cloud as well.


Typetalk focuses on fun and ease of use more than anything else in order to avoid conversations between teams and peers turning into a formal task. Like buttons, Hashtag usage, filters, emojis are a few among many cool aspects Typetalk bestows teams with.

Secure access within teams, confidential messages, drag-drop options for sharing files with ease and APIs to provide developers a convenient hand to come up with something new with their creativity as some of the other utile features of Typetalk.


Whether your employees are stuck to PCs or smartphones, it doesn't matter when you choose Officechat as your official instant-messaging enterprise chat app as your communication partner.

Officechat is hyper-time, highly secured, allows all sorts of messaging types, pushes notifications, enables file sharing, notifies on delivery confirmation, lets you send self destructible messages, scroll through any number of pages of chat history, integrate mails and do much more.


If file sharing is your mainstay, Sparkchat can be the appropriate team chat software for you. Sparkchat allows you to share files large in size directly from your reservoirs like Google Drive, iCloud drive, Dropbox account and keep all that’s important for your work in one place.

In the personalization front, as an administrator, or the boss, you can assign user roles and provide access permission based on the hierarchies or roles played by your employees in a team.


With Flowdock, getting together teams working in different locations is a no more a daunting task. Flowdock separates file sharing, chats, from emails separately for a clear maneuvering between the required materials for followups and future reference.

Flowdock provides a collaborative environment for development teams by pushing notifications from development tools in Flowdock’s interface which makes things readily available for brainstorming.

These are the top enterprise team chat apps to bet your money with if you have plans of elevating your inter-office communication efficiency. Each of the listed player offers an unique advantage which if leveraged can take out most commonly confronted pains in digital workplace communication.