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Changing the way we shop in an offline world

Changing the way we shop in an offline world

Tuesday June 07, 2016,

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Journey started one and half year back when one of the largest e-commerce site crashed...crashed ...yes it crashed. We realised everyone is in rush to buy things online...but in that case what will happen for offline stores...can they compete with these giants, who are playing a technology game. 

 We realised that offline retailers can only compete if they adopt the ever changing technology quickly. We decided to build a platform for offline retailers which can provide technology advantage against giants.

First step towards technology initiatives is "ease of information" - www.retailoffline.com. 

The platform is designed to provide one click ease of information to consumers about

- Their favourite brands, favourite stores, desired products and its availability in different stores 

- Their favourite malls, associated brands, entertainment, dining and every specific details.

Consumers can acquire products only from the stores, retailoffline.com also plan to provide some more enhancements of pre-booking, ease of payment options.

retailoffline.com can help retailers -

- Information availability to their consumers who wants to acquire products now ..in-turn increases store footfalls.

- mitigate operational losses due to out of stock revenue losses...in-turn increases operating margins.

- higher conversion rate and faster billing cycle... improves customer loyalty and better shopping experience.


connect with us :- 

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[email protected]