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Air Pollution - A threat to Our Existence

Air Pollution - A threat to Our Existence

Wednesday November 21, 2018,

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As the world moves forward with the development agenda and steps towards gaining more scientific advancements, there are issues that are needed to be addressed sooner than later. The air that we breathe-in has become toxic and with every second that passes in that, we are taking in harmful chemical through the air.

The major part of the world is breathing under the layers of pollutants present in the air, and they are not aware of the fact that how harmful our air has become. Countries like India have seen the worst of the pollution these days when people often have to stay in their properties than go outside. Is this the world we are heading to?

Let us go through the issues that were discussed at the Global Conference on air pollution.

Monitoring Air Quality

There is an immediate need to curb the air pollution and to do so, there needs to be a mechanism which can continuously monitor the pollutants in the air. So, we will be able to find out what measures are more effective in reducing the pollution with the stats we will get through monitoring.

Health and Corporate Sector Emissions

We have actively monitored the health and corporate sectors in developing countries. They have accepted the idea of switching to non-conventional energy resources. They came forward with reducing their own emissions significantly and have worked ideally over the various parts of the world.

Equipping National Healthcare Workforce

The healthcare sector needs to be well-equipped with respect to actively fighting the current phenomenon of pollution. We should focus on finding new ways by researching and carrying on with the help of latest developments in the field of medication. It will help us sort out with modern-day issues with regards to the health of the people.

Concerning About Children’s Health

Over 92% of the children under 18 are under the direct influence of air pollution. It results in many deaths due to various respiratory infections, lung cancer, asthma, pneumonia in children aged below 5 years in under-developed countries.

Access to Clean Household Energy

A lot of Asian countries are yet to get rid of the traditional household energy practices. These practices not only affect our air quality but also the people who are actively participating in these practices.

"Over 3 billion people need to switch to clean cooking solutions and over 1 billion people need to gain access to electricity by 2030."

Climate Change

Air pollution is directly linked with climate change, a number of greenhouse gases playing their roles in making this an even alarming health hazard. Reducing greenhouse emissions and short-lived climate pollutants will surely add up to the good health results for all.

A Bigger threat to Outdoor Workers

One could suggest people should stay at home or indoors for the most amount of time of their day, but the serious concern is about the people who are making a living by working as regulars in fields and in other outdoor works. It is less likely that their work would be transformed miraculously into indoor confinements to save them from the hazards of air pollution.

Some other ways to fight and curb air pollution:

  • For travelling, use of transport that runs via electricity may prove to be very useful.
  • Manage your waste (Dry Waste and Wet Waste).
  • Recycle is one of the best options to curb pollution. So, recycling as many goods as possible will give you more chance at saving lives.
  • Use of cooking fuels like LPG or electric ovens again helps in curbing air pollution.
  • Monitor the pollution levels of your locality to bring out the necessary solutions to air pollution.
  • You can also save electricity by switching off appliances when not in use.


This month, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change alarmed that coal-based power generation must end by 2050 in the event that we are to constrain a dangerous atmospheric deviation ascends to 1.5°C. If not, we may see a noteworthy atmosphere emergency in the next 20 years only.

Let’s move forward with everyone and step up to join hands to let our future generations live to see the beauty of this unique world rather than confined at homes just to breathe better. All the countries should share their effective solutions to help the world get rid of air pollution.

Source Image: https://images.indianexpress.com/2017/08/pollution-delhi-759.jpg