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Amazing Self Motivation Hacks Whenever You Feel Demotivated

Amazing Self Motivation Hacks Whenever You Feel Demotivated

Friday November 29, 2019,

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If you feel motivated that means you have successfully covered half a path to success. Self-doubt pulls you down and self-motivation pushes you towards success is what Thomas Salzano a motivational speaker and a famous blogger says about positivity.

There are situations in life where you may find yourself surrounded by negativity, suffocating your dreams and destroying your hope. You will find people giving you the courage not to lose hope or sharing their similar experience to keep up your mood. Appreciate such people and thank them for reminding you to stay positive.

Here are a few tips by Thomas to stay motivated through a hard time:

Concentrate on what you can do, and stop stressing over what you can’t

You cannot control everything in life and that’s okay. People generally stress on things that are not possible to control and forget to appreciate themselves for the things that they are good at. For example, you must have seen people being emotional for things like job, life partner, property and even status. The point here is that these are the things, people or situations that one cannot live without and is too possessive about them. What suits best here is to concentrate on the better picture of the situation that is having faith in your abilities and taking action accordingly. Overthinking and overreacting will not let you come out of the negative zone so keep them aside and move forward in life.

Read positive quotes, positive information and surround yourself with positive people

Whenever you feel demotivated or face a situation where you feel like giving up try reading positive information and meet people who have a positive attitude towards you. Reading helps in creating a positive environment and motivates you to fight with a tough situation. Thomas says "I have seen people getting spiritually motivated when they lose hope in life which is a good thing." You can also make a habit to read a positive quote every day or just keep your motivating quote with you every time so that when you plan to give up you have your motivation with you.

Meditate or do yoga

One of the best and the oldest method to calm yourself down and bring back the positive energy in you can be through meditation and yoga. Yoga is very relaxing and helps ease your mind. When you are surrounded by negativity and negative thoughts you lose the strength to fight and your mind stops giving solutions. The advice here is to calm down but how is the question. Try meditation or yoga to achieve your goal to stay positive.

Celebrate accomplishments, even if they are small ones

The best way to keep your motivational level high is by celebrating your achievement. The main problem with the youth today is that the stress too much when they fail and underestimate themselves when they achieve less in life. Reward yourself each and every time you reach a goal. It’s wrong to overlook your small achievements.

Remember that no one is perfect and no one includes you too. So let yourself move forward in life.

In the crucial stage of life, you tend to dwell on your mistakes. Overthinking and playing the blame game in your head will make you feel like a victim. Remember that mistakes are done by everyone and there is no scale in the world to measure the depth of the mistake done. Apologize and move forward in life, don’t keep revolving around your mistakes and keep feeling bad for yourself. You create your life with the actions you take so it's time that you realize that you are the one who has to take responsibility for your life.

Have an attitude of expectancy

What you expect is what you get which is the law of nature. Expect something great to happen for you and you will see that it will. Your expectations set your plan in life and you don’t realize that your actions are in the directions of coming close to your expected result. So keep your expectations achievable and real.

Spread positivity so that you receive the same positive energy

When you help someone and make them smile you must have noticed how good you feel about that. To spread positivity is this easy. Even if you pass a smile will make the other person feel the positive vibes. So always try to spread positivity and appreciate the other person, you will see the change and feel the positivity around you. Build a support team and motivate each other when needed. Be friendly and be the right support system in place.

Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive

It’s good to know both sides of the coin, you need to know the strengths and the weakness of the task or the situation. The point here is don’t stress too much about the negative aspects like instead of that “ we will have a hard time from now on” you can always use positive tone like “We will face some challenges doing this task but I am sure we all will come up with solutions that will help to face these challenges.” It’s the same thing that you said by just changing the tone of your speech. This will motivate the other person and you will see the confidence in the person.

A positive attitude can shift your entire life. Do try some of the above-mentioned methods to bring back the positivity in your life and around you. Keep track of days from when you started doing these activities. You will see a change in your behavior and the behavior of others towards you. As a motivator Thomas N Salzano suggests to consult someone if you feel too depressed due to the negativity in your life and situations that are forcing you to give up in life.