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An Essential “How To” On Purchasing Motorcycle Parts

An Essential “How To” On Purchasing Motorcycle Parts

Sunday February 17, 2019,

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Every motorcycle enthusiast adores having a bike of their own. However, there always comes the part that is much less about fun and a lot more about maintenance and investing money in it. Because, of course, sooner or later, your bike will break down. The worst case scenario is that this happens in the middle of nowhere and you get yourself injured. Therefore, regular maintenance is a must, and it’s all about fixing or replacing the parts that are problematic so that you don’t have any problems when you’re out on the road.

Of course, there is also the much prettier side of the story – when people want to improve their motorcycle with new features. These are things that you don’t necessarily need but are fun to have and can improve your ride.

Purchase parts while your bike is still “in”

Whenever a company releases a new bike model, they also start making spare parts for it. After a couple of years, they will have already be focused on a new model and its makings, so the best idea is to buy the parts you (might) need while yours is still fresh on the market. Later, it becomes increasingly harder to find them, and there will be a lot fewer stores that sell spare parts for your particular model.

The biggest problem is bikes that are more than a couple of years old and have already been modified with new parts. Basically, when it comes to spare parts, the best idea is to get a new model, as that will ensure that you will be able to repair it pretty much anywhere. If you have a used motorcycle, certain parts might have to be ordered from overseas for a high price or will have to be custom made if a spare cannot be found. All in all, you will be spending more money than you should.

Consider where to order from

A lot of people are accustomed to getting spare parts from a local manufacturer or dealer. While this sort of relationship is great and trustworthy, it is still old-fashioned and not the best choice. Basically, today we generally live in the digital world.

Therefore, your best course of action is to find and order bike parts online. Such companies offer a wide variety of parts and accessories for the majority of models out there. So, just sit down in front of your PC or take out your phone to browse through a whole bunch of items on the web for some very good prices.

Get a camera for your bike

There is a lot of people all across the globe that are using GoPro cameras on their motorcycles. The reasoning behind this is not only making fun first-person videos that you can show off to your friends, but also learning more about how well you are driving, and using it as a piece of evidence in court in case a traffic accident occurs.

The great thing about these cameras is that you can attach them to almost anything. It can be a helmet, the bike, or even a drone. They are made to be quite durable, and, most often, they survive any crashes. You can also use them as a kind of rearview mirrors. Just attach them to the back of your bike, and use a screen to see what is happening behind you while you are riding.

In summation

When it comes to purchasing motorcycle parts, it is usually the best idea to own a newer model, so that you can easily find them for a decent price. The older your bike is, the harder it is going to be to find and/or purchase parts with them not being expensive. You should also consider where to order from, as today the best place to find what you need for your bike is online.

Finally, it would be wise to get a camera for your ride, so that you can record your experiences, and use those recordings to improve your performance or as a hard piece of evidence in court, should something bad happen.