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Ultimate Guide To Launch e-Hailing App For Your Local Region

e-hailing is a service that calls for any form of transportation with the help of a device that can access the internet to transport a person from one point to another. With the increased demand for comfort and movement, e-hailing apps are on the rise and the number of businesses that are capital

Ultimate Guide To Launch e-Hailing App For Your Local Region

Tuesday July 09, 2019,

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Launch e-hailing app

A revolution was started by prefixing the letter ‘e’ to a lot of mainstream activities. We have seen the emergence of email and e-commerce. Today, the revolution has forayed into the world of cabs and transportation. It has given a new stream of services called e-hailing.

The concept of e-hailing was not quite common until a decade ago until Uber was introduced to connect riders and drivers, creating one of the largest taxi aggregation services on the planet.

Uber has set a new trend by proving the success of e-hailing. However, there is a large gap that remains still to be filled - while there are more than 50000 cities in this world, Uber operates only in 650 of them. This means that there is always a possibility for you to launch your own e-hailing services that are localized to the country that you belong to.

What is e-hailing?

e-hailing is a service that calls for any form of transportation with the help of a device that can access the internet to transport a person from one point to another.

With the increased demand for comfort and movement, e-hailing apps are on the rise and the number of businesses that are capitalizing on clones of Uber is astounding and yet acceptable!

The de facto standard for e-hailing apps

The first name that comes to everyone's mind at the very mention of e-hailing has to be Uber. However, parallel to Uber, there are many other services like Lyft, Gett, and Ola that have made their mark in their specific countries.

Here's the statistics of ride-hailing app Uber you need to take a look,

Uber Statistics

It is not enough just to create an e-hailing service company but is also equally important to ensure that the profiting and functioning of the company are all set to run smoothly.

The essential features of an e-hailing app

While the possibilities of launching your own e-hailing business remain widespread, there are a few essential aspects that need to be a part of your service. A ride-hailing service needs to have an application for the user, driver, an administrator to control the interaction between the user and the driver. In addition to these, you will also need storage spaces and server power to facilitate the tracking of rides and the travel logs of both the driver and the rider.

While creating the app is a massive task in itself, you can either start developing the app from scratch or try the ready-made Uber clone solution. There are a lot of strategies that are involved in maximizing the benefits and profits that you’d get out of your e-hailing app.

Promoting your app online

The first key to getting people to use your app is by letting them know that your platform is easily accessible. This can be done by marketing your service on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms can effectively be used to not only promote your app but also to incentivize the first set of users who will utilize the services of your application.

Keep it Simple

The world is moving towards minimalism without compromising on the vividness of the services offered. The simplicity of the user interface goes a long way in convincing the users to use your application. Facilities to book cabs on a website would make the service more accessible. 

Encourage referrals

Referral programs are one of the best ways to attract more customers. If a person who installs and uses your e-hailing application stands to benefit on a monetary basis, there are better chances that they will spread the app’s reputation by word of mouth, and the probability of that occurring increases if your service has been commendable.

Targeted advertising

The world of digital marketing has made advertising more targeted and efficient. This would mean that if you are creating an app specific to a country or a city, you can advertise precisely to the specific target audience. 

The precision is not achieved only by geography but also by the goal. You can run ads to boost the downloads for your application or increase visits to your website or to make the existing users engage with your app again.

There are platforms like Google Ads and Facebook ads that have a plethora of add-on options which can suit every need of your e-hailing application including but not limited to brand building, lead generation, and engagement.

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The essential features of an e-hailing app

There are a few key features that govern the basic functioning of an e-hailing app. Some of the features are:

GPS and live tracking

The demand of the customer is in relation to the location that they are in. The GPS tracking and the live status of the approaching cab plays a huge role in keeping your app and its functionality relevant.

The GPS helps the driver identify the customers and vice versa. Also, when factors like traffic and temporary road-blockages are incorporated, it can also help calculate the fair accordingly. As an extension, the GPS can also serve as a security measure for travelers.

Payment gateways

One of the greatest advantages of e-hailing applications is that you do not have to carry hard cash. Connecting different digital wallets or instruments to your application can take care of the payments on an automated basis. For this purpose, the app needs to have a completely accommodating gateway that can facilitate making payments by using a wide range of payment instruments.

Report and analytics

Data that is accumulated and curated to give insights will come in handy for the administrators to enhance the business. The statistics can also ensure that the investments for advertising are made in the right avenues.

Review and rating

Reviews are what quantifies quality. It is necessary for the application to have a rating system where both the customers and drivers can give their feedback or write a textual review. The reviews and rating system can help reward or penalize a driver, and can also passively incentivize good drivers resulting in retention.


The notification can inform drivers about a new possible ride and users about the status of their booking. In addition to this, the notification can also be used to promote offers and discounts on a regular basis. They can also be incorporated for specific promotions depending on the geography and festivities.

The benefits of an e-hailing

An e-hailing app gives a lot of visibility and has the capacity to run on autopilot mode. Although there are a few aspects - like driver scrutinization and compliance with local laws - to keep the business in place, the involvement of the technology, the database, and the GPS ensures that the entire process functions smoothly. 

The Conclusion

The need for location-based services is constantly expanding and with the percolation of the comfort culture, the common people are moving more towards using cabs. With the endeavor of replicating global success at a local level, an e-hailing app can be created either for your city or for your country or even for your office.

White label Uber clone solutions available in the market take care of all the technical requirements that you might have. All that needs to be done from your end is to figure out the marketing and finance aspects of it, and you are all set to become the local Uber - not just as a business but also a success story!