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Android App Development Tips for Mobile Developers In 2019

By #MondayMorning
September 13, 2019, Updated on : Wed Dec 18 2019 06:46:31 GMT+0000
Android App Development Tips for Mobile Developers In 2019
Android mobile application is the most accessible platform to develop a mobile app, and also it is highly prevalent in the market. This can increase the company's utility and tools.
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In current times, it is not enough by having an excellent website to boost up the business, apart from having a website, having a mobile app is more recommendable. By having a mobile app, your business can easily reach to the customer in their smart phones. Android mobile application is the most accessible platform to develop a mobile app, and also it is highly prevalent in the market. This can increase the company's utility and tools.

If your primary concern is about how to start and make an android app? Well, the answer to this is straightforward; you can start by hiring an Android app development company or a good android developer. Also there some essential tips to be kept in account when developing an Android business app.

10 Android App Development Tips for Mobile Developers In 2019:

1. Costing

Creating a mobile app is going to cost your business, but in return, it is also going to pay back. It is always quality and not the price that matters to the company. There is a requirement of a good app if your business wants to excel in the mobile market, and this also needs continuous updating of the app and fixing the bugs, which can cost the maintenance cost. Although by developing an android mobile app can be little cost-effective than other platforms.

2. Hiring good developer

The market is full of the mobile app developer; thus, it is vital to look up for the correct application developer is a must. It is essential to acknowledge the developer's past creations, their knowledge about software, and their awareness of current trending things in mobile app development. Thus, after all this, your business can surely conclude an excellent developer to hire.

3. Keep it simple

Keep your business app simple, and it's software performance also easy. Due to this, the customer can visit comfortably in a convenient way. The first glance of the app must be welcoming, and a visitor must able to understand what the app is all about. Hence it is always better to have fewer features that make the app's UI difficult.

4. Keep testing

Before launching a mobile app, it is important to test the application thoroughly. By launching a mobile app in a hurry can end up with bugs and unnecessary kiosk. Thus it is essential to give enough time to the development and testing process for a successful mobile app.

5. Considering Suggestions

It is crucial for any mobile app to keep on improving, as there is always some part that can be better. Thus taking suggestions and advice from the users who use your mobile app is a perfect idea to groom your app. Users can provide you with many opinions about how their experience is and what all are the areas where the mobile app can be fix.

6. Impact of platform

Majorly two platforms are popular, namely, Android and iOS. Identity of Android is for its massive users, and iOS is popular as it is more secure. It is best to develop your business app in both the platforms if breathable budget is available and reach more users. But if not so, Android app development is the best option as it has immense users, user-friendly, and pocket-friendly. Therefore there can be a significant impact on the selected platform, and it can help to benefit your business.

7. Payback of investment

The major part of any app is that it must help in recovering the amount invested in it. Thus to achieve it easily, the app can target the customers, or even it can contribute to the reduction of company expense.

8. Promoting your app

The task is not only to develop a mobile app but also to promote it. After the app is ready, it is important to place it on your website to download. You must keep up with research to up app updated. Also, you can share and promote your business app by email, share on social media, and by advertising.

9. Keeping app updated

It is essential for a business to keep updating your business app so your app can expect stability. By not following it, there can be issues of compatibility. Updating also required bringing your app to the notice of your customers and interesting them with new features.

10. User experience

User experience is the topmost priority, and if your business app doesn't satisfy the users, then everything is in vain. So If your apps UI and UX are not appealing to the users, then be ready to receive faulty feedback from the user side. Hence even the best mobile app companies spare a considerable amount time on this side of the application.                                                                                    


Yes, it is simple to develop an Android mobile app, but the tricky part is to make it as per the user's comfort. Hence it is important to hire the best Android application development company to result in the best outcomes