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Android or iOS: What to opt when there is Limited budget

Android or iOS: What to opt when there is Limited budget

Wednesday March 06, 2019,

5 min Read

Businesses these days depend a lot on the business app. Do you have a business app? There are two operating systems to choose from- Android app development or iOS app development.

Which platform will you want for your app? The answer to this question is the force that sustains the revolution between an android developer and iOS developer.

Many apps are available in the major app stores for generating revenues. Many more are under development with the app developers.

There is a struggle among the mobile app development companies to decide what platform to choose for developing their app.

Building an app in both platforms can be costly. One should hire android developer or hire iOS developer to develop the app.

There are various parameters to look into to decide with the choice of platform. To begin with:-

Market Share

As per last year, Android had almost double the mobile market share as compared to the market share of iOS.

The comparison specifies that the number of Android users is nearly double that of iOS users.

So, if one has to cover a broad market, then one can hire Android developer for the next app development. 

As per the downloading rate and the number of end users, the android hits iOS again by a significant amount.

Revenue Generation

Every app generates a particular value of revenue. But again that too depends on the number of things, including the platform used to create it.

Even though Android has a broader market, it is not apparent that it is the sole revenue generator. It is not as simple as it looks.

The reason behind the high revenue generated by iOS apps is the higher cost of publishing an app at the app store. Whereas Android apps mostly earn their income from ads displayed within these apps.


Under android app development, the app is developed for many devices that run on Android operating system, designed by diverse vendors. Android is an open nature system.

Therefore the app doesn’t only play in the mobile device, instead of on a variety of Android devices like smart TV’s, wearable’s, and off- course media streaming devices.

Therefore, the app should be compatible with a wide range of tools that have an Android operating system. Otherwise, a much portion of the android market will be left behind and will not run the desired app.

In the case of iOS app development, there are only a few devices that run on the iOS operating system. Therefore, iOS app development is not as elaborate as the android app development.

Development time and cost

Time is of vital importance. The app developer is concerned with the time taken to develop the app and then put it on the Play Store for revenue generation.

The average time for developing iOS and Android app is the same. The significant difference is visible during the testing phase. Testing the app across a wide range of Android devices takes more time.

Consequently, there are more errors to fix in android app development than in iOS app development.

Therefore, the cost of android app development is more than iOS, as time is money. The longer it takes to develop an app, higher is the cost of producing it.

Thus, it is a challenging task to build an app that is compatible with a wide range of devices.

Publishing apps to both app stores

With two different app developments, the procedure of issuing apps to respective app stores is also different. Both of them have their own rule and regulations that they follow in approving of the app.

The time it takes for the approval also comes under the total time to develop an app.

For publishing an iOS app, as an individual, the developer pays $99 per year or $299 as a mobile app development company.

Android costs $25, which is a one-time fee, irrespective of some published apps. While it takes a few hours for Google to approve and release the app, the app store’s average review time is of a day.

Finalizing the app development platform: iOS of Android

So far it is predictable that it is more profitable to hire iOS developer to develop an iOS app. iOS app earns more, publishing it to the app store is quick, and the cost of app development is low.

Furthermore, developing android app the very first time can be non-profitable and very challenging. It has many versions to deal with for different android devices. 

On the contrary, developing an iOS app is more helpful when one is just a beginner. The experience helps to understand what are the do’s and don’t’s.

Conclusion- Android or iOS

A lot of mobile app development companies have to struggle to choose what platform they should use to develop their app. Individuals are infix to a hire android developer or a hire iOS developer.

There are many aspects to consider when one has to choose a platform for app development. But from a financial perspective, the iOS platform unfailingly earns more revenue than Android.

Contrarily, in case the company has been established for a long time and can navigate to more complicated Android OS, which probably has more extensive development and testing times.

Then yes, go for it! Want to hire android/iOS developer? Contact us today and get your app developed with the best platform of your choice!