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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Tuesday August 27, 2019,

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Artificial Intelligence, the prime matter in various sci-fi films in various languages, has already started taking over the world of Digital Marketing. Does that leave the Marketers without a job? Of Course not.

With the world, Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, bringing something new to this world every now and then. Such a revelation is the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence to Marketing Campaigns.

Digital Marketing Agencies all around the world use Artificial Intelligence for collecting data, creation of content, filtering leads etc. rather than having machines with AI replace human marketers.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The technology that enables the beholding machines the ability to think, execute and reason out with respect to the data that is given or that is collected is called Artificial Intelligence. The fact that they are able to correct themselves with real-time analysis and ‘Intelligence’, just like humans, makes it different from other technology.

But How is AI Integrated with Digital Marketing?

Here’s how

1.     Analysis of trends and material for quality content

With Search Engines integrated with AI, such as Google’s voice search and algorithm, data to craft unique and informative content to bring your blog/post up on top of Google’s search list when searched for, can be obtained. SEO is made easy with artificial intelligence.

2.     Digital Advertising

Based on search engine data, Google’s Ad Platform and other such tools incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver ads to the people who search.

3.     User Experience (UX)

With manifold analytics and data that is collected, websites with algorithms that are integrated with AI can modify the UX of the website, showing him the content, offers and the information to the best of their interests.

4.     Chatbots – A Chatbot is an AI tool that can be added to the UI of your website, to improve the interaction of the customer with your business. This helps in curating content, scrutinizing the quality of the lead and providing information to the client, making your website more immersive.

Digital Marketing is all about evolution. Artificial Intelligence now takes up above 15% of Digital Marketing. Here are a few ways in which Artificial Intelligence are advantageous over the existing ways.

i.   Faster, real time data analysis.

With AI, the data analysis, and computation is faster than with human marketers.

ii.    Accurate results

While the usual ways can be erroneous, AI, with its accurate data collection is less prone to errors.

iii.   Saves time It saves the Digital Marketing Agencies, ample amount of time from Data Analysis, prediction of trends and content, interactions with the clientele etc.

iv.    New opportunities With more exploitive and exhaustive analyses, more data can be acquired. This gives us opportunities to take our Digital Marketing campaign to the next level, with improves strategies and unique content. Social Media Marketing gets the biggest bite of the fruit.

v.    Cost Efficiency – With accurate results at real-time speeds, AI incorporated Digital Marketing is more Cost – Effective than the usual ways.

There is a guaranteed increase in the percentage of marketing campaigns that embrace Artificial Intelligence, but there should always be a human to run the machine, for, a MACHINE can be LIKE HUMANS, but can never BE HUMAN.

Artificial Intelligence for the win