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How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Face of Web Design and Development?

The Powerful Impacts of AI on Web Design and Development Industry in 2020

How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Face of Web Design and Development?

Sunday January 19, 2020,

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a buzzword. Nowadays, techies from all across the globe are studying various applications for AI in variegated industries.

If you don’t believe in the power of AI, then read below stats:

Ai for enterprise apps

Image Source: statista

  • Approximately 84% of businesses say that Artificial Intelligence will enable them to sustain or obtain a competitive advantage (source).
  • About 75% of businesses say that artificial intelligence allows them to move into new business ventures (source).
  • Approximately 80% of tech leaders and businesses say artificial intelligence creates jobs and boosts productivity (source).
  • About 72% of business decision-makers say artificial intelligence can also enable humans to concentrate on various meaningful tasks (source).
  • Approximately 51% of executives say that their primary aim for artificial intelligence is to enhance the functions, features, and performance of their products (source).
  • About 36% of executives say that their primary aim for artificial intelligence is to optimize the operations of the internal business (source).
  • About 79% of executives all across the world say that artificial intelligence will make their job more efficient and easier. (source).
  • Approximately 59% of executives say that the big data at their company would be enhanced through the use of artificial intelligence. (source)

Also, many organizations have opted artificial intelligence as a major source of revenue in the coming years, as shown in the above graph.

No doubt, AI brings efficiency and preciseness with it that’s why it has become a favorite of businesses all across the world. What is the role of AI in software and how it can enhance the features and performance of the software applications or web applications? Let’s figure out answer to this question through this blog.

Earlier making software was a quite complicated process. For making a web application, a developer had to work on the code level, and you also need to have a proper idea of various web app technologies like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and many more such tasks. Each of the website pages had to be coded individually and thus large size web applications were not possible at that time. 

For a single change such as a change in the web address, navigation, URL, etc., businesses have to hire web developer to update on every page. But with the gradual changes, it became possible to make various changes in a single location after which all the changes would be available anywhere on that website. Then the content management grew in popularity which was followed by the drag and drop web application development technology. 

The growth of Artificial Intelligence as a crucial web development tool

The growth of Artificial Intelligence as a crucial web development tool

One of the best things about artificial intelligence is that it allows machines to perform and execute all the tasks similar to that of humans, quickly adapt to new entries and learn from experience. It is crucial to remember the fact that most examples of artificial intelligence are highly dependent on deep learning and natural language processing. Computers can be run and programmed to accomplish specific tasks with the help of these technologies. Generally, these types of tasks need a great deal of pattern recognition and data processing.

Actually, machine learning or ML is a subset of artificial intelligence where algorithms of computer can be used to learn data and information independently. In addition to this, you should be well-aware of the fact that ML is developing at a rapid pace now these days and that the effects of artificial intelligence can transform various web design & development tools.

The advantages of artificial intelligence

There are many individuals, especially those who have renewed the concept of artificial intelligence, have the misunderstanding that artificial intelligence is all about automating different kinds of manual tasks. In addition to this, you should take into account the fact that artificial intelligence is widely used primarily for the sole purpose of completing and performing various tasks that need accuracy & preciseness of big data on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is widely used to enhance the capabilities of some individual applications and software products.

Artificial intelligence capabilities, such as smart machines, robots, and automation, can also be combined with data in order to improve different types of operations at home or in the workplace. With the help of AI or artificial intelligence, object recognition, deep learning, and image grading will be more accurate.

How is Artificial Intelligence Impacting Web Design and Development?

Impact of AI on web design and development

Artificial intelligence or machine learning applications are able to help web app developers face problems related to coding, security, user experience, quality analysis and much more. Businesses all across the globe will benefit from this innovative and revolutionizing technology by taking advantage of artificial intelligence dependent solutions for security testing and for that they can hire AI developers.

Regardless, businesses will be able to integrate the use of advanced machine learning or AI algorithms in order to improve user satisfaction level of their prestigious customers. You might be surprised to know that various AI-based solutions can be used to dramatically improve website performance.

In addition to this, you will be able to check how your web app responds to operating systems and different kinds of devices. These are just some of the reasons most of the businesses make extra efforts in order to create artificial intelligence based tools and software applications that will benefit the entire web design and development community.

1. Chatbot- best response predictions

The main use of artificial intelligence is guaranteed to enhance business sales with better expectations of a response. The first is that chat can easily predict the feedback of the user. So far, these bots have proven to be particularly useful, especially in the way the traditional process helps.

Businesses can use these bots to explain human feelings as communication can be more natural than mechanical. In a sense, artificial intelligence can create websites that support the emotional impact.

So in the coming days, people will find an easy way to interact with the websites with different types of communication barriers that are organized for convenience.

2. Greater user experience

For any organization, it is quite possible to create a web app using artificial intelligence and reach a place to better comprehend customer needs. Some of the most innovative web apps will be able to find the customer's mood easily and know their needs precisely.

Cognitive analysis and technology environment- both are the best ways to influence the website, as well as statistical analysis that can easily contribute in order to predict the best user experience.

In this way, errors can be reduced and users can also be provided with the experience and required values. Most importantly, web applications will be able to process data and information in any domain in an appropriate manner in order to satisfy end-users' interests.

3. Voice search- high in demand

Software development companies must think about the growth of voice search and they should implement the features in their web development projects. Luckily, AI can help a lot in creating voice-based software solutions.

AI has become a key part of web app development by enabling consistent voice chatting between websites and customers. This innovative technology will be a necessity in any virtual shopping environment and must be tracked by any e-commerce companies.

In addition to this, all these recommendations recommend how artificial intelligence will need to be online, especially in various situations where organizations are in contact with the users at any stage.

4. Users Store Experience

Nowadays, users have a very good experience with e-stores. You can use websites to help artificial intelligence visualize a personalized and unique business experience. Each company can employ the best artificial intelligence development companies and build a website that allows customers to share an amazing web. These web applications can engage the customer and connect with a whole new level.

In addition to this, buyers can feel shopping with people in the true sense of the word, as the website can fully comprehend their needs. Obviously, clients can easily increase their expectations and expect to get at the place in the best possible way.

5. AI for improving website interface

AI for improving website interface

User interfaces can be enhanced by deep learning and AI adaptation, which are able to independently design various modules of the websites. It works by training the program to comprehend design principles and also allowing it to track website pages. 

The combination of these two crucial processes also allows artificial intelligence to simulate ideas in an independent way and create fully functional and attractive web designs with the exception of human experience. Various web development platforms such as Wix and Weebly are using AI actively to manage their user interface design.

Wix AI-based designing works by picking out billions of combinations and after that creating a unique web design interface that is completely exclusive to those particular users. Being platform-trained, AI continues customizing and learning the Web-based on the needs of the users, customer interaction, business, and personal preference. This also allows Wix to get predictive reports on its design program, reduce costs, get faster time to value and achieve a greater relationship between customers and merchants. 

In addition to this, LinkedIn has also undergone a major overhaul in order to improve its browsing and networking capabilities in order to provide a better experience of browsing for users. Artificial intelligence is now used to create crucial recommendations, how to improve profiles and communication suggestions.

6. Recommendation & Optimization Tools of AI

There are a plethora of AI-based referral solutions that use social guides in order to influence the purchasing decisions of the users. These tools can easily make their recommendations as soon as the customers interact with your site and offer valuable information based on their searches. Extensions can easily track customer store history and generate recommendations that are based on relevant searches. 

For example, Netflix, a trusted online media service provider, which uses artificial intelligence to manage its recommendations by precisely displaying results that are based on decisions and user preferences of similar clients. Nowadays, 80% of Netflix streaming is the result of artificial intelligence recommendations.

Also, companies like Adobe have begun to introduce AI into the structure of their services and products. In the year 2016, Adobe launched Adobe Sensei, which is an AI-based system designed in order to enhance platform design capabilities with various intelligent features that help website designers do their tasks more effectively. 

In addition to this, Sensei uses machine learning concept to improve the overall implementation and design of the project, which improves the final product significantly. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Adobe Sensei also helps you improve time-consuming processes, discover hidden design opportunities, and provide relevant experience for each user.

Let’s Wrap Up: 

In this blog, we have seen various examples, stats, and facts that show the importance of AI in the web app development. Artificial Intelligence is one of the advanced technologies that drastically improve user experience and also increases the performance and interactivity of any business websites. That’s why many businesses are looking for only those web app development companies that implement AI-based features in their web development projects. You can also hire AI developers to have your own AI-powered web applications.