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The 6 Best Places to Buy Furniture in 2020

Buying furniture can be difficult with so many retailers to choose from. We found the best places to buy furniture to help make buying furniture.

The 6 Best Places to Buy Furniture in 2020

Wednesday January 08, 2020,

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Carve and chisel to make your house a castle!

When you go into your friend’s home and see that perfect centre table or that beautiful and well craft cabinet in the kitchen, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

When you are in a restaurant, and you see a dining table with a handsome set of chairs, what do you make a note of? Why do these small pieces of beauty capture your heart and mind? 

This is simply because these small pieces of beauty and craftsmanship are exactly what helps turn your house into a home. Every apartment when bought newly is just a cement structure with walls for separation between rooms.

However, various home décor pieces and furniture help bring in life into the structure. If these are really such an important part of the home décor, does that mean there are criteria to select the best furniture for your house?

Better still, are there any well established and trusted brands that have been successful in the past years to bring the transformation to a house?

Read on, and you will understand

Furniture was originally introduced as a utility product which was used to sit, lie down, keep things, etc. Initially introduced in stone form, furniture has evolved over many decades to become what it is seen and known as today.

Ancient Romans and Egyptians have been known to have used stone and even metal for their thrones, tables and other furnishings in the palaces.

Once the modern civilisation started developing, the material used for furniture turned into wood, and now Bakelite and hard plastic are also being used for furnishings.

Different kinds of furniture available

Furniture has been classified on the basis of two important factors:

  1. The material used to make the furniture
  2. The place in the house where the furniture is supposed to be kept

On the basis of the raw material used for making the furniture, there are numerous types of furniture ranging from the usual wooden furniture to others such as plastic, bamboo, particleboard, MDF, plywood, etc.

Each material mentioned has its own unique quality that is advantageous when used to make a certain type of furniture.

For example, making a chair out of hardwood guarantees more quality than that made of plywood, because, the weight that plywood can carry is much less when compared to hardwood.

However, when it is required to make a seating board (as part of a sofa), plywood is used as it gives weightless support to the existing hardwood structure of the sofa. This gives a complementary effect.

When the furniture is classified on the basis of their position inside the house they may be listed as follows:

  • Living room furniture – This includes sofa, chairs, futons, stools, coffee table, TV cabinet, shoe rack,    key stand, coat stand, etc.

  • Kitchen furniture – Countertop, storage cupboards, kitchen cabinets, Dining table, chairs, counter stools, towel and plate racks, etc.

  • Bedroom furniture – Bed, futon, lampshades, study table, dressing table, dress closet, book cabinets, chest of draws, etc.

  • Bathroom – Commode, bathtub, curtain rods, bathroom cabinets, towel racks, utility closet, washbasin, etc.

The furniture mentioned above is only a few of the many different kinds of furniture that is available for the different parts of the house.

As mentioned earlier in this article, furniture also has brands that have stayed in the industry for a very long time and brands that have become trustworthy and consumer favourites.

Some of the new brands that have joined the race are now following a new form of the business altogether.

Unlike the olden day model of brick and mortar type of shops, where there are actual physical shops, the new players have gone digital for their and distribution purposes.

Gone are the days when you have to slog your way and time through a furniture shop and another and keep going around until you get the perfect furniture for yourself.

Nowadays, furniture shopping is done through e-commerce websites like pepperfry, Flipkart, etc.

The furniture is shown through pictures taken from different angles and posted as a carousel for the consumers to see.

This is then bought by consumes by surfing through their favourite websites. Brick and mortar type shops have not totally died out.

They are just reducing these days as digitisation is taking its hold on the world. So who are these exciting brands that have become the top choices for consumers when it comes to furniture purchase?

Some top brands in the furniture business

Shagun arts

Buy Furniture in 2020

Shagun arts is a wooden furniture brand based in Rajasthan. This brand provides handcrafted wooden furniture all across the country.

The brand has its main manufacturing centre in a small town city of Rajasthan called Sardarshahar. The highly dry place helps avoid the capturing of any unnecessary moisture by the furniture.

The dryness also helps carve out the wood more perfectly when compared to a highly humid place. The brand makes available wood furniture online through the web link http://shagunarts.com/

Dream Dékor

Buy Furniture in 2020

Dream Dékor is an Indian furnishings firm, based out of Sarsarshahar, Rajasthan. The company aims to give qualitative furniture at affordable prices to consumers.

They have been known to give excellent in-style furniture, which is in trend at the lowest prices possible in the market. Dream Dékor is entirely an online shopping experience for customers.

The workshop for the furniture can be found at Sardarshahar, which is a small and beautiful town in Rajasthan.

The website and purchasing portal for this brand is very consumer-friendly and easy to use as can be seen at http://dreamdekors.com/. Also, dream decor makes the promise of delivering all over India.

Arts and Handicrafts

Buy Furniture in 2020

“Arts and handicrafts” is the first online furniture portal in our country that allows customisation of the furniture according to customer preference and needs.

The brand has its own line of well-carved hardwood furniture which can be browsed at https://www.artnhandicrafts.com/.

Additionally, if the consumer wants any small changes to the existing design or if the consumer wants to present his/her own personal design that they would like to see on their furniture, then the brand helps create that design and make their dream come true.

Found in the beautiful town of Ratangarh, Rajasthan, the brand promises a pan India delivery of its products to consumers.

Naveen Arts furniture

Buy Furniture in 2020

Naveen arts furniture mart is one of the most trusted brands of furniture in India. It has its roots in Sarsarshahar, Rajasthan.

The brand has been verified as having lab-tested furniture and furnishings, i.e., all products sold by Naveen Arts furniture is first tested in their workhouse to make sure that the products do not fail the consumers when they start using them.

They have a vibrant variety of colourful racks and shelves. The store’s online portal http://naveenarts.com/ helps consumers sift through the wooden furniture online.

Wood dekor

Buy Furniture in 2020

Wood dekor was initially founded by two friends Jai and Rahul as 1200 sq. Feet store at the ethnic capital of the country, Rajasthan.

The company has now grown to have overseas stores in Europe. Their brand motto s to create superior living and working spaces with the simplest of designs.

The brand boasts positive consumer reviews across the nation. The brand has an online presence as well at https://www.wooddekor.com/

Furniture wallet

Buy Furniture in 2020

Found in the beautiful and vibrant city of Rajasthan, furniture wallet is one of the very well-known brands when it comes to furniture.

The brand has its furniture listed in all top e-commerce websites and has the pride of pan India of its products. Their designs are refreshing and unique and can be browsed at http://furniturewallet.com/.

The above-mentioned brands are a few among the many successful brands of furniture in India. Now that you have knowledge of the brands, which one do you choose? How are you going to chisel your house into a castle?