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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Commercial Space Greener

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Commercial Space Greener

Thursday August 15, 2019,

4 min Read

Not only are there pressures on manufacturing and industrial industries to cut down on their carbon emissions, but businesses are also being influenced to change their carbon emission habits as enthusiasts look to cut down the chance of global warming in every aspect possible. As a business owner, there are ways you can make your commercial space greener to ensure that your carbon footprint is reduced dramatically. Below are 5 ways you can make your commercial space green with disrupting the culture of your business in a major way.

Minimise water usage

It’s easy for commercial buildings to use up vast amounts of water considering the number of employees it holds. Water will be used to make brews in the kitchen, used regularly in the toilet and to fill up water bottles, so it’s understandable that its usage is heavy. How you can reduce the amount of water usage is installing motion sensored taps that only turn on when someone puts their hands underneath. This means the water’s only being used when it needs to be rather than it constantly running. Alternatively, if this is seen as an excessive change then signs are a good gentle reminder to remind employees not to waste water.

Bulk buy your office products

Bulk buying can not only help to save money but it can also contribute to saving energy. This is because manufacturing companies will spend a less number of times delivering the products that you order so they’ll contribute less to carbon emissions due to fuel consumption. If you’re able to make monthly orders for the commercial space and purchase everything that you need it can make a huge difference in reducing carbon footprints. 

Monitor the thermostat

Different people work in different temperatures, which means where one person might prefer having the office space rather warm others may prefer it colder. If your commercial space has a thermostat setting that enables you to adjust the temperature in the room, make sure to monitor it regularly so that it’s not using up energy all at once. If you can, try to control temperature levels naturally by closing or opening windows and providing fans for employees. This will allow the temperature of the thermostat kept lower for longer.

Take advantage of power-saving and sleep modes

It’s fair to say that some equipment needs to be kept on in the office for the sake of the business. This means you’re unable to turn it off by the main power source. However, there are still ways you can save their energy output. Some equipment has power saving or sleep modes which reduce the amount of energy they use. If they have these options, take advantage of them and utilise it at the end of the day.

Ensure your employees are on-board

The best and most efficient way you can save energy is knowing that all your employees are on-board with your ethical values for the business. As a collective, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint massively as everyone will be doing their bit for the environment. Put in place methods that will help you to monitor the energy usage in the commercial space, that way your employees will be more aware of what they need to do. Also, provide them with a platform to introduce their own energy-saving ideas for the business so you know they’re well engaged and interested in your goal.

As well as saving money, there are other benefits to trying to save energy through your business. If you introduce the initiative to use green energy suppliers, it’s likely to grow a larger customer base and keep the businesses that work with you stay loyal to you.