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Tech Support at Its Best: 2016’s Market Leaders

Tech Support at Its Best: 2016’s Market Leaders

Monday July 25, 2016,

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Today the businesses have started to rely more on the use of technology than ever before. This has helped them to a great extent in bringing more efficiency and accuracy into their operations. Along with this, it has also made mankind totally dependent upon them. Because of this, even a small issue with the system can make a heavy impact on a business’s operation within a matter of time. Luckily, help for representatives of all such businesses is just a call away.

The need for the third party IT support services arises in most of the small and medium scale businesses who cannot afford the cost and space for an in-house team. Moreover, these services cost way lesser and are available round the clock, just the way you would like it. You can also opt to avail such support either over the email, via chat, or use the phone helpline number. The things you should look in before hiring a third party tech support services includes their range of service, flexibility, ease of communication and most importantly the cost of their service.

Mentioned below are some of the eminent firms, which you can seek for availing technical help:

1. Geek Squad

Founded as a subsidiary of Best Buy, Geek Squad has today become synonymous with Tech Support when it comes to aiding businesses in the Silicon Valley. They comprise of a team of highly skilled and motivated tech support professionals hailing from a variety of IT and hardware backgrounds, giving them the capacity to handle a wide range of devices and software.

a) Range of Service: Geek Squad is known for its skill in fixing a wide range of electronic gadgets, including cameras, smartphones, printers, scanners, MP3 Players, Projectors, and more.

b) Flexibility: Geek Squad has been highly acclaimed for its prowess in providing tech support solutions to problems of the individual scale right up to large scale problems with corporate networks. In corporations, Geek Squad performs a variety of services, including but not limited to PC tune-up, acquisition, installation, and recovery of system and application software, network and server troubleshooting, and even ensuring seamless internet connectivity.

c) Ease of Acquisition: The Company operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its helpdesk can be contacted via the phone or via electronic media (email or chat) with equal ease, and has acquired the reputation of dependability and effectiveness.

d) Cost: Geek Squad can be hired either for a one-off servicing of a PC for a flat fee or by subscribing annually for obtaining unlimited services. Their charges are at par with the present day market prices.

2. SupportBuddy

The comprehensive suites of services provided by SupportBuddy are exceptional in nature and extraordinary as the technicians leave no stone unturned in resolving technical issues. It has gained significant attention from the IT world because of its speed, effectiveness, and quality of services.

a) Range of Service: Support for all third-party computer hardware and software, be it on the desktop or mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops or tablets. Malware protection and internet security are a few of the specializations that the company has become widely known for. Apart from PCs, SupportBuddy also fixes most popular models of printers, scanners, webcams, projectors, and other common office peripherals that are crucial for the functioning of a corporation.

b) Flexibility: The internet is filled with reviews from both individuals and corporations asserting SupportBuddy’s effectiveness in solving their tech and IT problems. For example, a UK-based firm advocates for its services for its quick response and apt delivery, specifically its ability to identify problems and adopt quick pathways within a fixed timeframe. Individuals varying from non-tech-savvy people to expert programmers have often glorified the company’s ability and aptitude to problem-solving.

c) Ease of Acquisition: SupportBuddy is probably the easiest to contact among its peers worldwide, thanks to “Buddy”, its proprietary application that allows a customer to contact its helpdesk at the press of a button. Aside from the app, its support desk can also be contacted over the phone, via email, as well as by live chat, and even obtain both remote assistance and on-ground services.

d) Costs: The Company charges as per its very reasonable and competitive slab of rates and can be hired on either a short or long term basis.

3. Support.com

A tech support company known for its maverick and innovative solutions to the world’s IT problems, Support.com has been known for primarily providing IT solutions to corporations, although its team is just as effective catering to the individuals.

a) Range of Service: Aside from PC tune-ups, software installations, malware removal, setup of computer peripherals, as well as operating system installations and migrations, Support.com is the only major tech support provider that also offers to take care of your company’s data security. It offers an integrated solution to your data back-up requirements that work similar to Onedrive or iCloud, a system that automatically backs up your data to the cloud.

b) Flexibility: Support.com is a Microsoft’s certified partner, and is the best in the world at solving problems involving Windows PCs and software, including Microsoft Office and Outlook, and also its email client. The company takes full responsibility for its involvement and provides additional external support or a money back guarantee in tricky and ineluctable problems.

c) Ease of Acquisition: Support.com provides gapless support by operating round the clock throughout its area of service. Its team has the policy of connecting to a technician and providing support services in less than one minute from your phone call to them. Support.com only hires native English speaking personnel for facilitating ease of communication.

d) Cost: The company, like most of its peers, charges either one-off or by subscription, with individual repairs and fixes valued as per their rate card. A comparison of rates for Support.com with its competitors can be easily found over the internet.

4. iTOK.net

Recently renamed to bask.com, iTOK.net has been in the tech support business since 2004 and is one of the top providers of remote support in the world. The company is known for its strong knowledge of technology and its versatile subscription service that integrates malware protection, cloud backup and routine maintenance.

a) Range of service: iTOK’s extensive experience in the tech support industry and the continuous inflow of talented personnel makes them effective and dependable. Be it computers ranging from servers and mainframes to handheld devices or office peripherals such as printers, projectors, or specialized software, the company has a reputation of showcasing excellence in troubleshooting.

b) Flexibility: iTOK (or Bask) has a target-oriented approach to solving IT -related tasks, and goes to any end to ensure that your computers are always up and running. Its website accounts for a number of uncommon tech support problems handled by them, including overhauling slow deliveries of hardware warranty claims and support helpdesk transformation.

c) Ease of Acquisition: This firm is primarily known for providing remote assistance, and can be hired quite easily with a simple phone call. Its support is provided over the internet as well.

d) Cost: A potential drawback of the company is that its stellar services which make it noticeably more expensive than its peers, such as Geek Squad. This makes the company less availed by individual home-based users, but still a popular and preferred choice for corporations that require intricate troubleshooting assistance on a regular basis.