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Reasons why the Amazon Associates affiliate program is highly underrated

Reasons why the Amazon Associates affiliate program is highly underrated

Saturday June 03, 2017,

3 min Read

Smart bloggers find opportunities in affiliate marketing and make their killing there. They just need to promote any product through their blogs and if a sale is made they get a cut. The commission percentage varies for different range of products, but for some products like sale of digital products they can even earn 50% commission. Amazon offers less percentage in commission on sales may be discouraging for many, although it is not so.

The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is one of the largest and earliest affiliate programs introduced. Though percentage offered for affiliates is comparatively low, Amazon has a certain clean reputation and wants its affiliates to be the same. All said Amazon has still many reasons for the affiliates to enjoy the business revenue share on sales.

Referral Cookies- There is no recurring referral money in Amazon, as one gets from other digital product websites. The referral cookies only stay on the site for 24 hours, contrary to as commonly found in other shopping sites where it stays for 30 to 60 days. One loses referral advantage if the sale is done after a couple of days. But in the other sites, one gets an advantage for the sale till the referral cookies are there on the board.

For these reasons, the affiliates don’t rate Amazon high on revenue scale. However, on other side, old affiliates enjoy clean and clear operations of Amazon and huge revenue they get from it. It would be interesting to find why Amazon should be preferred over others despite its downsides.

1. Amazon affiliate cookies have site-wide coverage, and is not just limited to the product you are promoting.

Even though you get only a 24 hour window to convert a customer, you will get the commission from all the products the customer purchased from the store.

2. Localize and extend your reach with the help of Link Localizers like Prourls

Unlike any online stores got more than 10 stores across the globe. This enable the affiliate to target audience from various countries with the same products. Free Amazon Link localizers like Prourls ( help affiliates to target users from various countries using a single link.

3. Receive payments in your bank accounts anywhere in the world with the help of services like Payoneer

After signing up with Amazon, they ask for a mode of payment and a minimum achievable target in certain time. Once that's achieved, affiliate begins getting a regular paycheck. While other affiliate programs have some complicated targets, and annoying sign up terms. Also, if you are based outside the US, payment services like Payoneer ( will help to withdraw your affiliate earnings to your bank account.

4. Massive inventory for shoppers to choose from

Amazon is a super store where there are numerous items to attract attention. If you refer somebody to something and whatever bought by a buyer, the commission will add up to your kitty. These can be books related to your blogs too. Tools like Junglescout ( enable you to find the best and profitable niches you can promote as an affiliate.

5. The person you referred already an Amazon customer

One of the biggest advantages of promoting a big brand such as Amazon is the conversion rate. Since most of the shoppers already have accounts with Amazon. This makes affiliate’s job easy by having Amazon’s comprehensive benefits.