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How is resume parsing tool beneficial for small-scale businesses?

Resume parsing tool helps to automate recruitment process and if it is at free of cost then would definitely help to small recruiting agencies or small businesses to speed up their recruitment process.

How is resume parsing tool beneficial for small-scale businesses?

Monday September 18, 2017,

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Recruitment is one of the key function of organizations. However; they pay pretty well for that process. The investment includes from social recruiting tools, applicant tracking system (ATS) to other recruitment tools. Today, organizations are taking leverage of technology and opting for software such as resume parser to collect appropriate data.

The resume parsing tool simplifies the process of recruitment. It helps to capture resume data and sort it into the desired output such as Excel, spreadsheet, CRM or any database. But it requires some technical person to handle these API’s efficiently at the end of that organization. Most of the time small organizations do not in real need of it.

Small recruiting agencies or organizations need fast resume parsing solution without API implementation to reduce the cost and efforts. Some of the resume parsing tools are available online at free of cost and help to sort resumes from any source to any target CRM, database, excel or spreadsheet.

Candidatezip is one of the leading tools to offer the perfect solution for small recruiters and organization. It offers a resume parser that fetches resume data from more than thousand platforms such as Gmail, Web, Zoho, Lotus 123, Box and FTP. Then it parses that data and stores in more than four thousand ATS, CRM or databases as per the need of organization. The end CRM or databases include all commonly used targets such as Salesforce, Nimble, Sugar CRM, Zoho, Drip, Hubspot, Google sheets, Excel, MySQL, etc.

This resume parser enters all resume from the web drive, desktop or emails to the destined ATS/CRM/Database or any custom applications. It connects to source documents, process via smart algorithm and pushes data to the target application. It sorts complete information, contact details, salary, experience, education and directly mapped to the target decided by the user. It is 24*7 automatic process followed by one-time initialization.

Advantages of resume parser tool:

• It helps to generate potential candidates for employers, recruitment agencies, financial planners, and insurance agents

• Insurance advisors can sort resumes to appropriate data such as income, age, job, location and others to find qualified clients

• Easy to process thousands of resumes within no time

• It makes recruitment process simpler and faster

• Fully automatic process

• No data entry needed

It provides the accurate and up-to-date information on real-time resume parsing process. The user can convert resumes to candidates and leads information at free or significantly low cost. 

Free resume parsing tool for small-scale businesses

Free resume parsing tool for small-scale businesses

Author's bio: CandidateZip offers online resume parsing tool for businesses. It helps in data transfer from any source to any CRM, database, Excel or Google Spreadsheet.