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Tips to use your Instagram stories effectively for boosting your business

Tips to use your Instagram stories effectively for boosting your business

Thursday January 18, 2018,

3 min Read


You must be thinking about how to utilize Instagram stories for boosting your business. You must be wondering what is working effectively for other businesses. The pictures, the text, and the videos in Instagram stories will be triggering the interest of your followers on a personal and authentic level. In this article, we would be discussing how Instagram stories are utilized effectively for boosting businesses.

Exhibit a Typical Day at Your Business

You could be utilizing both videos and still photography for creating Instagram stories. Your videos need not be something outstanding or spectacular. Practically speaking, videos could be a wonderful way of demonstrating to your audience a closer look and unique view of what all are happening on a day-to-day basis at your business.

For instance, a restaurant called Union Fare based in the New York City utilized Instagram stories from the usual operations of the restaurant, by using effective informal captions. The videos give an opportunity to the viewers to get a close glimpse of what is happening inside the restaurant and the audience could see the amazing pictures of the delicious dishes on the menu. A hungry viewer obviously would be tempted to visit the restaurant for relishing some amazing food.

Transform Your Blog Content & Divide It into Mini-Articles

Are you thinking about a novel technique of displaying your editorial content? You could be using Instagram stories for putting together brief “how-to articles” on practically any and every topic. Several Instagram users would be searching interesting cooking, as well as, decorating ideas. Moreover, Instagram Stories would be allowing you to share such types of information in a really digestible and interesting format. For creating an interesting Instagram story for boosting your business, you must initially examine the content you would be publishing on your blog. There is a great possibility that you would be identifying an article which could be easily broken down into multiple slides for demonstrating visually. Meanwhile, make use of platforms such as for increasing your likes on Instagram.

Demonstrate Your Product When in Action

If you are trying to promote a specific product, you could consider using effectively Instagram stories because they are a fabulous way of demonstrating to the viewers what precisely that particular product could be doing. Share ideas with people about how to make the best use of your product or show them clearly what they could actually create or do with the specific product if they bought it.

Celebrate a grand milestone

Combine interviews and some other effective strategies for telling an engaging story simply to highlight corporate milestones and events. If any company milestone is about to come up, you must create a relevant Instagram story to specifically highlight your organization’s special occasion and go down the memory lane and see the wonderful achievements of your company over the years. Consider infusing an element of variety to the Instagram story simply by incorporating interviews of employees and customers regarding their best memories of the company. Focus on your brand. Arouse your brand personality by using the right colors and the right tone as well. Remind the staff who are appearing in your video to act as the face or mouthpiece of the company.


Make effective use of the Instagram stories to boost your business as this would be demonstrating that you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the latest social media trends. Moreover, it implies that you are agile and smart enough to apply these trends to boost your business.