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Thursday July 21, 2016,

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Declining Arctic Ice, increasing temperature, rising sea levels, deterioration of ozone, impure ocean waters, harsh climates - Is this all we want? If we visit the website of NASA we will find that the Carbon dioxide in the air has risen to 400 from 315 since 1950.

We study, we grow, we work, we experience and we do all this things just to support ourselves, our family, friends and our future generation, but, are we truly contributing in the right way to make this planet a better and safer place?

Humans earn their bread by working really hard and they have full right to decide in which way they want to spend or save the rewards of their effort and hard-working, but, a mere contribution suppose planting a tree, would be enough if everybody does that. We necessarily don't have to contribute everything, but, at least we all can push ourselves, to do something towards the society and the environment, which matters least to us or which does not harm us in any way. Let us take we don't sacrifice of our needs, but, at least we can contribute some of our luxury.

We seriously need to sit back and think the about way we are trying to protect our future or known bloodline. I don't think money, high-rises and luxury cars will be able to save our human civilization and this miracle Earth. We are truly lucky that it is only among the other planets that suppose to grow and sustain life and we are a part of this beautiful cycle.

We only talk about our rights and not our duties. We all have a tendency to enjoy our rights and run from our duties. Its high time we understand. We all run for a big house, costly car and lots of money and think of securing our future generation, but, have you ever thought, what will they breathe. We need to understand our duties towards this planet and towards this whole human civilization which is the whole and we all are a part of it. We need stand united and think not only for us but for all.

If we really end up cutting all the trees, ruining all the lands, spoiling all the water; luxurious goods won't be enough to save our successors. Near or far future they may end up sitting in a pile of money without any food, water and maybe air. We cannot breathe money.

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