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Trump's Daughter fragrance is Best Selling on Amazon. - Story of Ivanka Trump

Trump's Daughter Ivanka Trump is Manufacturing the Best fragrance that Buyers on Amazon ever had. 

Trump's Daughter fragrance is Best Selling on Amazon. - Story of Ivanka Trump

Tuesday March 14, 2017,

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Well Ivanka Trump is a American Business women, Former TV Personality, Model Etc. Her first TV appearance was The Apprentice 5 which was her Father's production show. In 2007 she stepped into Partnership for Diamond Industry which grows at very high rate but after certain point it is going to be closed. It is really unclear that when the shop is going to close down But sooner or later it is going to shut their doors down.

In Designing industry Ivanka Trump also face some criticism for Copyright Infringement as she was alleged for copying the Design of other Designers. Even she was criticized by some Animal Rights Agency for using the Fur of Rabbit in the Clothes.

Ivanka Trump is facing a great down fall in her Business as some Big Chains of Departmental stores like Nord Storm, Neiman Marcus, TJ Maxx, Marshall etc are striking off her products, Citing 'Poor Performance'. Majorly her Fashion Line & Shoe Line facing this Poor Performance problem.

Well there when is a downfall then there is a upstroke too. Ivanka Trump given an Example for the Basic principle of Business i.e always focus on your Strength not Weakness. Ivanka Trump analyze that beauty industry is growing in the Field of Perfumes. She marketed her Perfume so well that her Perfume became the Best Selling Perfume on Amazon. Somehow now she managed to hold on in a position in race of Industrialist.


How Much Revenue is Generated by Ivanka Trump Industry?

As Ivanka Trump Industry is facing downfall and may face the draw backs in the Upcoming years. Which can cost her industry a Fortune. Although her Industry is running great till now. As it was her growing period but future result may speak differently.

Till now her Industry revenue is showing great result.

Ivanka Trump's industry last year(2016) make 100$ Million Revenue from Fashion line but in 2013 the same Fashion line Generated a Revenue of 250$ Million. In G(iii) Quarter her industry generated a Revenue of 29.4$ Million. Which can be the Result in the Best selling perfume in Amazon.

How can she save her Industry?

Although there are many way by which she can save her drowning industry, Here are few ways which should help a drowning industry to grow.

1. Secure your Brand

 If the industry is having well know brand then there are 80% probability that brand is already been copied by some other illegal vendors in different region. To avoid the losing markets. The industry should apply for trademark Registration of that brand and file law suits if someone is using their Registered Trademark name in different region. This will help the Industry to Recapture their market and get the amount of profit which is generated by illegal bodies.

2. Target Other Market

 Every market has it's saturation point after that any Industry can't grow further. To avoid this factor every industry should change their market and innovate something new to their product or Innovate something new. This will help them to have exponential growth in their Business. It is not a simple step and simple things can't hold for long.

3. Merge with or acquire other business

 This should not be the Idle step for any Industry as this sometimes backfire to the Primary business. In case of Acquiring a company it is fine to hold their market and make the terms and Condition according to your will. But in case of merger it is not so much advised to do so until or unless it is necessary for the survival of the Industry. Although both Merger & Acquisition help business to grow their strength and lessen the weakness.

4. Expand to the Internet

 Although every business do Internet Marketing(Digital Marketing) But it is never enough. We should always try and think new idea for the SEO, Content Marketing, Viral Marketing etc.

Every Industry has it's Deadline if they Don't Innovate themselves. Well people don't define innovation very Clearly according to Manoj Bhargava (Founder, 5-Hour Energy) define Innovation word in a press conference that "Innovation is simply something useful that you didn't do yesterday that you are gonna do today". Industries can grow if they simply do business with common sense and Statistics.