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Ethereally Beautiful Destinations In The Lap Of Our Own Country

When I open my social media profile, I see my friends posting their honeymoon pictures. And I always wonder, why is it invariably exorbitant places such as Switzerland, Greece, or Europe?

Ethereally Beautiful Destinations In The Lap Of Our Own Country

Wednesday October 12, 2016,

4 min Read

Creating surreal moments is the cardinal dream of all newlyweds and honeymoon is the period that claims anticipation of making their reveries into reality. I think there are some aesthetic honeymoon destinations in India whose existence is hard to believe. NO, they are not the perennial ones such as Kashmir, Coorg, Goa, Manali etc., I have some eccentric places listed here. Plan your honeymoon at any of the following destinations to experience the epitome of beauty and let your love spring in our own country’s lap. Worried about budget? Don’t! It goes without saying that you will be able to witness their surreality at much thinner budget with great honeymoon packages.

Spiti Valley- The gorgeous middle land in Himachal Pradesh


Pronounced as ‘Piti’ which means ‘the middle land’, Spiti is located between Tibet and India. It is a prepossessing desert mountain valley, an absolute honeymoon destination for adventurers. This repository of nature and an abode to Chandratal lake is soaked in Buddhism. With medium luxurious amenities, Spiti is for couples who love mountains, trekking and nature. Being one of the least populated places of India, I guarantee you would love the isolation it provides.

Auli- Ski with your intended in Uttarakhand’s hill station 


Jaw droppingly beautiful, Auli is located at an altitude of 2500 to 3050 meters above sea level. These snow capped Himalayan ranges accord the best skiing experience in India, yes better than Shimla or Manali. It is a perfect blend of adventure and solitude, if that’s what you are looking to spice up your lovely days. And, when you go there, don’t forget to visit one of the world’s largest man-made lake that Auli proudly owns.

 Wayanad- Paradise in God’s own country


This is my kind of place, Green Paradise in a literal sense. Nestled in God’s own country, Kerala, Wayanad is a breathtaking amalgamation of caves, hills, lakes, waterfalls, clouds and tropical rain forest. If your prefer foggy hills clad in green rather than snowy mountains, Wayanad is for you. Do you see the image? That’s Vythiri tree house resort, a perfect stay for honeymoon couples who seek seclusion from the world. The special honeymoon packages at Vythiri resort are sincerely promising.

Havelock Island- Offers romantic sunsets at the beaches of Andaman

Havelock is the largest of the islands that encompasses Ritchie’s Archipelago, a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman. Being India’s top scuba diving hub, Haveland proffers adventurous experiences along with romantic setups. The most magnificent thing to witness in Havelock is bioluminescence on no moon nights. Wouldn’t it be utterly romantic to have stars flowing through your feet and also above in the sky when you take that slow walk with hands in your partner’s hands?

Yumthang Valley- The alluring ‘valley of flowers’ in North Sikkim:

Located at an elevation of 3,500 meters above sea-level, Yumthang valley is immersed in lush green trees where you can sight Yaks grazing in flower-bestrewed grass plains and a river flowing right through the valley. Sounds Bollywood, isn’t it? The picturesque flavor and an inspirational serenity of this place leaves the travelers enchanted. With these scenic surroundings this place also promises seclusion which is a plus for newlywed couples.

India is rediscovering itself as love for travelling is increasing exponentially. Although these destinations have a unique touch to it, there are some extremely affordable honeymoon packages available that may help you deal with your budget. You can have a hassle-free travel as well when you opt to plan your lovely days with the help of the tour packages. I’m sure, the honeymoon period that demands solidarity will be conveniently offered to you by these places amidst the indescribable natural beauty...