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Social Commerce: The Art of Money Making Through Community Building

Social Commerce: The Art of Money Making Through Community Building

Wednesday February 15, 2017,

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Money making comes through various paradigms. Be it social media or be it any other form, it can be achieved. We all are equipped with smartphones in this era. What if the phone that you are using for everyday interactions and buying and selling becomes a way of making money? Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – The Social Hangouts joined by the online shopping Industry, make us practice more of the ‘Social Culture’. Social Commerce is built on the same foundation of making money through social Interactions.

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What is Social Commerce?

The market is striving to make an environment where the existing customers serve as an important tool in convincing the potential customers to buy the product there and then. That’s where Social Commerce comes into existence. Social commerce is the use of social network(s) in the context of e-commerce transactions where the difference with e-commerce lies in the fact that there is possibility of a relation building between buyers and sellers as both come through community itself.

The Influence of Social Media

The basis of Social Commerce is Social Media. It is a combination of electronic commerce that involves social media that supports social interaction, and user contributions to assist online buying and selling of products and services. More briefly, combining both humongous markets together come with covenant benefits. Getting fame and facilitating people to get inspired from what they love is what Social Commerce targets on. Online shopping in India has taken a turn to perfection with this, where you can live the social life and buy what you want from the same portal without getting into the hassle of keeping too many apps. It is a One Click Market; a one stop shop for all your needs.

Building Community through Affiliate Networks

The backbone of Social commerce lies in Affiliate networking. In broader terms, Affiliate Marketing networks can be stated as the online shopping Industries which tie up with Social commerce websites to boost up their sales. Social commerce acts as a tunnel through which Online Shopping Portals boost their sales as well as do Unintended Advertising. People spread the word, which benefits them. Emerging Social Commerce sites have facilitated the user to engage into social activities by which they can also satisfy their buying needs.

“Why would someone use these apps is the frequently asked question, but when you get benefits from your day to day activities; who would not like that?” – A Curious User

User-Buyer Conversion

The users in this case becomes the buyers. Users of the app get benefited so the string of just buyers, becomes user so that they are benefited from both ends. Apart from the benefits that Online Selling portals get, the buyer on the other end is also facilitated. With huge discounts, deals and sales on these portals; it becomes feasible to go online and buy the desired entities from them. Easy and efficient, these Portals have a lot of possibilities to offer. Emerging Online Shopping Sites in India have transpired to simplify the lives of people so that while shopping they also get to share their knowledge of buying. Making buyer’s life easier, Online Social Shopping Apps like Asaan have made the user more aware of what is happening in the world of Online Shopping Industry.

‘Trusted’ Communication

The opportunity that social shopping business can create is to build a platform where potential customers can get advice from the existing customers. They can bear the ideas and innovations with the users and serve ‘trusted’ choices to the clients. More and more companies are up-and-coming and dealing in social shopping in India which gives a deduction that it is the fastest growing e-commerce sector and would surely burst into a full-fledged business approach.