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Tashkent the cosmopolitan with the old world flavour

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

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The capital city of Uzbekistan Tashkent is a mix of the old world and the new. Being the capital of the Communist Republic for 60 years, it has many buildings which can be called as monuments. The old city has some buildings preserved from the Old Persian and Turkish Empire too. So, if you are on the way to getting a Tashkent Tour Package make sure it has all must visit places.

Must visit places in The Old Town

Hast Imam Structures – The religious center of the Muslims, this place includes the Barak- Khana Madarsa which came up in Sixteenth century, the Mausoleum of Saint Abu Bakr Kaffali, the Tillya Sheih Mosque and many other religious structures.

Chorsu Bazaar – It is a good place to shop for antiquities and traditional clothes. There are some good places for refreshing with green tea. It is a domed structure which protects from the heat and dust.

Places to see in Central Tashkent

The Amir Timur Square – It includes the five star hotel named as Hotel Uzbekistan, the Amir Timur museum and the chiming clock of Tashkent.

The square of Fountains – The Square is popularly known as the freedom square now and has seen many name changes over the years. It was named after Kokand Khan and later as Lenin Square in erstwhile USSR. After gaining independence in 1991 the Square was renamed the independence Square. The statute depicting motherland is the attraction of this place, and most of the national festivals are celebrated here.

A ride on Tashkent Metro – Each station on this metro has a unique architecture which makes it one of a kind in the world. All the 29 stations ooze different atmosphere and a special place of interest. Only thing to take care here is not to take photos as it is illegal to do so.

Most people visiting Tashkent also take the Almaty Tour Package of the neighboring Kazakhstan along with the Tashkent tour. It is economical to do so and bundle packages are economic.

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