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How to make the best use of your credit card?

How to make the best use of your credit card?

Tuesday June 12, 2018,

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Credit cards, besides acting as debt instruments, also offer a host of benefits that are accepted universally. From facilitating cashless transactions to allowing e-shopping and online bill payments, credit cards avoid the need of carrying cash everywhere. In addition, they can also be used to avail discounts, cash back, rewards and other offer exclusively meant for credit card purchases. 

Availing a loan, converting a purchase into EMI are some other additional offers available on credit cards. Of all the many features and facilities offered on credit cards, one must know which are most important to make the best use of their card. By choosing a credit card that offers benefits for our day-to-day purchases, we can save a lot of money on our card transactions. Listed below are a few such facilities offered by credit cards that could help you achieve maximum savings.

Credit card features that offer maximum savings 

Fuel surcharge waiver: This is one of the common feature available on most of the credit cards. As fuel purchases form an integral part of our weekly expenses, a credit card that offers fuel surcharge waiver will give us relief from paying extra money for card transactions. Most credit cards offer 1% fuel surcharge waiver on a minimum transaction value of Rs.300 to Rs.400. 

Dining offers: Working hard for five days and chilling out during the weekend has been a popular practice of working class in most of the Indian cities. A typical weekend may not pass without us visiting our favorite restaurant or a pub. What’s more fun than getting a discount every time we dine out? Yes, dining privilege is another important feature offered on credit cards. By swiping the credit card, you can get 10-15% discount on your food bill.

The movie offers: Buy one and get one ticket for free by booking movie tickets on the BookMyShow mobile app. Isn’t it more fun to watch your favorite movie at half the usual price? For movie freaks, it certainly is and could help them save on their entertainment expenses.

Accelerated rewards on a day to day expenses: Reward points programme is one common and most popular feature available on most credit cards. However, choosing a credit card that offers accelerated reward points on regular spends such as groceries, dairy, vegetables, and fruits, etc., will bring you more rewards than the regular cards. There are also a few credit cards that offer more than one reward point on all the purchases made on the card. Such cards will allow us to accrue more points in less time, thus enabling us to redeem the benefits quickly.

Cashback offers and discounts: Other exclusive benefits one can avail using their credit cards are the cashback and discount deals on select purchases at select stores. While the regular cards offer seasonal discounts and cashback, co-branded credit cards will have round-the-year offers for purchases made at partner stores.

Make purchases through ‘No cost EMI’ facility: No cost EMI is another interesting feature that allows credit cardholders to make purchases on EMI facility without paying any interest. Which means one can buy a product instantly but can repay the transaction amount in easy monthly installments at no extra cost. Further, many cards also offer no processing fee on EMI transactions. Opting for such facilities will make your big-ticket purchases more economical.

Well, these are a few ways to save some bucks on your credit card. Clearing credit card dues before the due date will also help you avoid paying hefty interest rates and other late payment charges. 

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