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How to Build Muscles Fast At Home without Weights

How to Build Muscles Fast At Home without Weights

Thursday December 28, 2017,

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How to Build Muscles Fast At Home without Weights? This is one of the most common questions among teens and adults. They are always supposed to hear only thing that how they build muscles fast at home without going to the Gym or lifting weights?

Here in this article below, I have explained a number of ways to build muscles fast at home also you can easily pump up your muscles without owning any set of dumbbells or an elliptical machine or a treadmill to grow your muscle.

Also, you don't have to purchase any membership of a gym or fitness club. In this article, you find easiest ways to build muscles fast at home without weights, you just need to focus your mind by setting up a goal because in this vast lifestyle where everything goes digital people don't want to do physical activities and this is really killing us, inviting lots of diseases to our body.

So, get up and start by moving now! Here are some basic exercises on how to build muscle at home without equipment, it will help you get going or getting you back in the shape.

Running or Jogging

It’s too easy, right? You just need to simply put on your comfortable shoes and clothing, open the gate and start walking few distances, Simple but it's not simple as it looks like.

For beginners and newbies, it is advised that you should start only with walking or jogging slowly, this will increase your physical stamina.

After few days you feel more energetic and now you are ready for next step. Start by running, while running for the first time your muscles are going to scream so the best advice is to start slow and take shorter distances first try to build up your leg muscles and your cardiovascular system.

When they both get stronger, increase your pace and distance. Running helps you to remain physically and mentally therapeutic and this is a very basic step towards building muscles fast at home.


Push-ups are an effective and efficient way to build muscles in our upper body, trains all upper form of body muscles like arms, back, Shoulders and chests. When you become experienced enough, you can use an improved form of push-ups by leaning on the wall, on the kitchen's door, or wherever to do the push-up at an angle. As you grow stronger you may be able to work your way to using the floor as your starting point. Push-ups also help to increase your muscles along the triceps and biceps, i.e. your arm muscles as this exercise uses our entire body as the weight.


Crunches are again something you can easily do, it will help you build muscle mass in and around the waist. The crunches are not like the old sit-ups, is much more effective in strengthening the abdominal muscles and your overall core muscle group. Start with 5 -10 crunches a day and you can increase some more every day. These are some modest, but proven ways to build muscle without using weights.


Dips are an effective complex exercise as you lift your entire body weight. Use your full extension while performing dips. If you face any kind of trouble performing a dip you can take someone's help who can hold your legs.


Pull-ups are considered as the best among upper body exercises. It covers all upper body muscles like back, arms, chest, and shoulders. If you can't do upright pull-ups at the beginning you can go with flat pullups then go to advance level when you get sturdier. You can also consider Chin-ups as they are best for gaining biceps and Build muscles fast at home.


Squats are the real master of all exercises if you want to increase your portion muscular body. This exercise hits your legs and your back. It also helps by working in the core, this exercise works seamlessly in building your thighs and ensures that your lower back becomes stronger.

Bodyweight Exercises

Best way to gain muscle without weights and increase your body mass, at last, you need to continuously challenge your muscles by doing increasingly tough bodyweight exercises – just like you uses heavier weights in the gym.

You can use advanced bodyweight exercises such as the one-armed push-up, pistol squat, one-armed chin-up, plank, l-sit and some front levers that lets you continuously challenged. These advanced bodyweight exercises require high body tension that leads to massive strength gains.

So, these are the bodybuilding exercises without equipment you can try at home.

Tips on how to build muscles fast at home

Do you know our body does not want to gain or develop muscle? Yes, the muscles increase the metabolism and reduce the storage of fat in our body and it goes beside the natural function of the body. Our body does everything to stop the growth of the muscles. You must follow each of the steps below to succeed in the game of best way to gain muscle:

Train passionately – If you do simple exercises your muscles won't become stronger. You are not supposed to assume a few pushups and squats will make any difference in your body.

Do easy exercises first- if you are a newbie and then complex exercises to you will be more challenging and lead you to several injuries.

Track your daily workouts- tracking aids you in keeping your workouts exciting, you can write down the number of reputations and sets you make during the entire workout. Then do more repetitions after each workout.

Take Proper Rest and try muscle build workouts

Most of us want to achieve results in no time and hence they start working like monster 7 days a week. But our muscles need proper rest to recover and grow. Our Muscles gets torn when they are stressed. These torn repair when we take rest, so you are recommended to do workout only 5 days a week.

Home Diet Tips to gain muscle fast


You can't get muscles fast if your diet is not good for growing muscles, You need to eat fresh foods and ingest more calories, you can eat up to 1000 to 1500 calories each day or more according to your physique needs.

Take More Proteins: Proteins are the main source of building muscles in our body when we take proteins, they're melted down into the amino acids and amino acids acts like the building chunks in the muscles – they heal the torn muscles and restore cells in our body. You should take protein in each meal and remember that if you eat for more than 15 hours without protein, you may lose muscle.

Increase Carb Intake: Carbs are a good source of restoring energy back to our body by increasing the glycogen to the standard levels. It will also increase your whole performance during the complex workout. Most carbohydrate sources are also great in calories, so it will help by increasing your body's calorie intake and make you feel energetic.

Eat Sufficient Fats: It is most recommended by the dieticians because they contain a lot of calories and promote caloric intake. In addition, there is a direct correlation between fat plus testosterone points. A very complex way of getting fat is through fish, which consists of omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital fatty acids.

You can add High-Calorie Foods to Your Diet, here are tips to build muscle fast at home. Here I have listed some fresh and light nutrients that are rich in calories:

1. Carbs: you can add carbs such as bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta in your diet.

2. Avocado: It is healthiest fruits, an avocado contains about 400 calories. You can add avocado to your regular meal.

3. Salads: You can take salads with creamy toppings are great in calories.

4. Nuts: They are an important source of vitamin E, iron, protein, magnesium, and fats. 50 grams of nuts give you over 700 calories.

5. Peanut Butter: It is an unsaturated fat and every 20 grams or a full tablespoon of peanut butter gives you around 120 calories.

6. Fruits: The fruits are very rich in minerals and nutrients with a high-calorie content. You can add an average banana in your breakfast that has about 200 calories.

At Last

I have shared all essential elements of how to build muscles without going to the gym. So apply these workout and diet plans to your daily routine and you see immense growth in yourself.