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Break that piggy bank! how to travel on an extremely small budget!

“If travelling was free, you would never see me again.” How often have you said this to yourself? Today, we have decided to grant you your wish! Okay, not free but we have found some solutions for you ailing pockets and desperate wanderlust! 

Break that piggy bank! how to travel on an extremely small budget!

Friday October 21, 2016,

4 min Read

Travel is not an escape from life but necessary so that life doesn’t escape you. A trip on a small budget can be a challenge but extremely rewarding and fulfilling. When you have to find alternatives to your usual luxury and comfort, the thrill adds to the whole experience and you’ll only learn something new, about the place and yourself too! We have listed out a few ways you can cut back on your expenses on your next voyage and still enjoy to the fullest.

<b>Planning for your travel</b>

Planning for your travel

1. Planning Never Hurts:

Not suggesting you to kill the spontaneity of your adventure by planning every minute and detail of your trip but being aware of the place you intend to visit is always a plus. Knowing about the best of cuisines in the region and the cheapest places that offer the same, places to sleep in and the places to visit, and the cheapest means to get there could always come in handy!

Some of the favorite websites for travellers are, Airbnb for accommodation, Vayable for tours, BlaBlaCar for ridesharing and EatWith for meals. For air travel at the cheapest fares, check out, or

You could also explore options of house-swapping (, or, couch-surfing and camping (in-keeping the spirit of your adventure) if the place is expensive!

2. Barter, Bargain, Negotiate!

As a famous ad tagline says, ‘Poochne me kya jaata hai?’ Until and unless you ask, it is always a no. When you have a tight budget, but don’t want to compromise on the experience, try this hack. Don’t shy away from asking for discounts or offer some service in return of the favour you seek. Some of the websites you could check out for the same are,,,

You could also organize a group tour and be the group leader. Check out or If it works, what better, and if not you can always look for a cheaper option! 

3. Save on Your Travel

Hiring a personal vehicle like taxis, scooters on a trip is an easy and comfortable solution. But often these are the expenses that make up most of your budget. Try using public transport in place of this. You’ll not only save money but also explore the place amongst its people. You could also try ride sharing facilities offered by websites like, and And who knows what story awaits you on the next turn, a friend, a companion, an adventure!

You could also try an innovative idea: Often when people need to move from one place to another, they have their car sent. You could be that driver by inquiring directly with car rental or relocation companies. As long as you have some flexibility, this is a simple and cheap solution to your travel requirement. 


4. Avoid Usual Tourist Places

Well, don’t you skip Taj Mahal if you are in Agra, but learn that most tourist places are over-hyped and over-priced. Instead, research a little more and find the hidden corners of your destination which are less travelled but guarantee an experience for those who wish to explore and not just travel. Not only would these places be less crowded but also easy on your pocket.

5. Get City Tourist Cards

If you do wish to visit all of the known sights in your city of choice, consider getting a city tourism card. It would not only allow you discounts and free access at many city attractions but also, in many places, free public transport facility. People are said to have saved over $100 with Paris Museum card, $80 with the London pass, and tons more with other city tourism cards. This is an amazing way to save money which not enough people are aware of.

6. Make a Journal

The one thing we would strongly recommend is to make a journal of your journey. Pen down those moments, those thoughts. Click those photos, make your memories’ album. Today, the world is crazy for original content, sharing these experiences on social media might even mint some gold. And if not that, you have the magical times documented forever!


And last but not the least, smile! A smile would take you a long way. A smile means the same in all languages and a proven bribe to get things done. Getting local hospitality, assistance and help would help you anywhere you go. So this time when you travel, instead of partying try to embrace the culture, instead of dining out, prepare and have a meal with a local family, and you’ll remember the events for a lifetime.