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Microbiology to Digital Marketing

How I became an SEO analyst with an education background in Biology at school and graduation in Microbiology at College.

Microbiology to Digital Marketing

Sunday October 15, 2017,

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My Story From Studying Microbiology to Making a Career in Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

I am sharing my story that " How I Became an SEO Analyst" with education background rooting to biology as it was a career U-turn for me.

I am sure that this type of stories like "How Became That From This" are quite common in this type of platform. My story is also quite the same type.

Till class 10 I didn't know what exactly is a Blog and I really did not know that there was something known as Search Engine Optimization exists. I got to know about SEO when was thinking of learning C C++ programming so as to make a career in Android App Developer, I went to a local computer training institute to know exactly what is the demand for an Android App Developer and C programmer while telling me about the career opportunities I was told about Web Developing and SEO (on which context these topics came I totally forgot that). 

Okay now coming back to the story, back then I really didn't pay any heed to SEO. At first, my initial views about SEO was something difficult as it has a connection with websites I might have to learn web development to go for SEO. I assure you I am not the only one, many people who think of learning SEO their first and foremost view is that " To learn SEO do I need to have any tech know how?" "Does SEO requires coding" or even this "Does SEO has anything to do with web development?" you can find many of these if you google it. So first impression SEO is Tough.

Now back to school again, this in class 12, I was very fond of the internet whenever I used to have any free time I spent them surfing online, somewhere on some website may be I saw an ad about part time job online like DTP, online ad posting and data entry sort of tasks. Some how I became greedy if I could make some bucks by doing that sort of part time jobs that I don't have to ask for pocket money from my mother, as I'm not from a financially stable family I thought it was a brilliant idea, out of excitement I overlooked the idea of checking the authenticity of those type of jobs as majority of them are nothing but scams eventually I joined sites like Neobox and Clixsense what happened after that is another story for some other day. 

One day while surfing the internet for biology project at a local cafe I asked my girlfriend about my idea of doing part time jobs online, then while discussing about earning money online she gave me the idea of opening a blog saying that many people make money by writing blogs, then came the idea of creating a blog and I did on that day only without even knowing what to do with a blog, how to run it, how to monetize it etc., my first ever blog was on free blog hosting platform Blogspot , and I believe many people like me started their blogging journey through blogspot.

Now, how did I got to know about SEO? 

Okay after starting my blog, I became so addicted to blogging, that I remember that I used to write blog posts even though I was having an exam next morning. After couple of days to be specific couple of months I saw there was a sudden decrease in my blog visitors and my blog was not ranking too well, then I googled my problem and in one of the search results I saw something like this " How to do proper SEO for your Blog", and then SEO struck in my mind, " What exactly it is", and from then SEO became one of my favorite things.

I learned SEO and Digital marketing online gathering knowledge from top seo and digital marketing blogs and Udemy( a lot from here).

After completing my graduation, I applied for an interview and got rejected first but cracked my second interview and now working as SEO analyst at a private limited company in Kolkata. 

You can check out my blog: Logical Nerds !! That's all folks!! :)