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List of lead generation software for India

Find out the best working tools for finding B2B & B2C Leads in India

Sunday June 18, 2017,

3 min Read

There are so many ways that you can start marketing your local business in India today using various marketing channels that are available using the latest technology.

To name a few channels for reaching your customers directly with an outreach campaign:

1. Telemarketing

2. SMS Marketing

3. Email Marketing

4. Voice broadcasting

5. WhatsApp Marketing

6. Facebook Marketing (Using Custom Audience)

7. Generate Cold Leads to Convert them into One To One Meetings

8. Automated IVR Systems for handling inbound leads

9. Direct Mail Marketing (Brochures, Proposals, Sales & Marketing Material, Sales Pitches with Call to Action, etc.)

But, with all these channels available. If you really want to target the RIGHT prospects. You need to find them. And finding highly targeted database of B2B & B2C Leads is a tiresome process.

You are required to search for leads from various sources online such as IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Sulekha, JustDial and many other sources of B2B & B2C directories, or you have to search on Google Manually and collect your prospects business information such as their names, contact details, location, etc.

Given the old days when you had to hire a team member just to do these kinds of tedious tasks are now pretty much "OLD" days, with old ways.

Now, you can automate this whole process using intelligent automation, lead generation & marketing research software such as Local Extractor, Cashflow Multiplier, JustDial Extractor, etc.

For example, Local Extractor one of the leading Lead Generation Software in India allows you to extract leads from 15+ different sources. Giving you list of business name, their area information such as address, area, PIN code, city along with contact info like landline number, mobile number, email ID, along with their website address. All on autopilot.

There are so many ways that you can start utilizing these business leads by running an outreach campaigns. And then target your prospects on a large scale in the shortest amount of time this ways instead of trying to do scale campaigns that use to take time for an entire year to cover. You can now target prospects & clients on large scale during an hourly based campaign.

This not only allows you to position your brand in your marketplace, but also run strategic outreach campaigns that can have sequences which generate leads based on the intent of the interested people in a timely & accurate level.

Here's the step by step lead generation process. That I have seen working for my business in the target market of our choice (will keep the industry hidden due to privacy)

1. Use Automated Lead Generation Software for Indian markets such as Local Extractor & Cashflow Multiplier to find target market leads with their information so that we can reach the right prospects directly on their mobile & target them via their email address.

2. Start initially positioning campaigns using Automated Voice broadcasting Services & SMS Marketing on the first day

3. Send follow up email campaigns with proposals via Email using automated Email marketing services

4. Deploy sales teams to reach to the interested prospects and get them to signup for a free trial offer & engage via engaging videos on our website along with go for the close by having offline one to one meetings

5. Filter interested & qualified leads to sell our products

6. Convert the leads into customers

Voila! A Successful & Economic Marketing Campaign put into the right place!