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5 Effective Ways to Use Business Cards for Network Marketing

Thursday January 26, 2017,

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In this age of digital business and marketing, the use of business cards for network marketing has gone by the wayside. But using business cards for network marketing is more important than ever since clients are craving a personal touch when it comes to working with a business or company. According to marketingprofs.com, "Personalized print media has a more powerful presence than a personalized email, because the audience can recognize that it takes more effort to customize print media than digital. Accordingly, the audience feels special because of what is a personal touch often lacking in traditional print marketing." Capitalize on consumers' preference for personal rather than digital marketing by using your business cards strategically and often.

Here are some ways to incorporate business cards into your network marketing campaign:

1. Make it Routine

It seems obvious, but a lot of people forget to hand out business cards when they meet potential clients or customers. Never leave home without at least a few business cards on hand--you never know when you'll meet a potential client. Practice good etiquette with business cards by asking for one in return. In addition, write any additional information on your card such as a meeting time, a website, or your personal email if your business card only includes your company email. Adding a personal touch when you hand out a business card forms a deeper connection between you and the recipient and will make your card stand out among all the other ones in the recipient's possession.

2. Include Them in Your Direct Mail Campaign

Putting a business card in an envelope or stapling it to a postcard makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you if and when they decide to do business with you. As in the above step, a personally written message demonstrates that you value the potential customer.

3. Give out Two at a Time

Offer one business card for the person you are speaking with and then another one for that person to hand out as referrals. If the potential customer is especially interested, give him/her a whole handful. Word of mouth marketing is often the most effective mode of marketing, so being generous with your business cards instead of hoarding them all can go a long way to growing your list of customers. If you or your company offer any incentives for referrals, be sure to mention it when you're offering extra business cards.

4. Think Outside Business Events

Business events of course offer opportunities for you to offer your business card and grow your customer base, but so do social events. In fact, social events might give you even more opportunities to meet interested clients since you are networking with a larger pool of people with varied interests. Don't worry too hard about trying to sell yourself at your nephew's birthday party, for instance, but keep some business cards handy in case your business does happen to come up to an interested parent or other guest.

5. Seek and Work with Networking Partners

Approach and ask non-competing businesses if you can work together as networking partners and leave a stack of business cards. For instance, a nutritionist could leave cards at local gyms. Return the courtesy by handing out your partners' business cards in return. Make sure your networking partners are also well-stocked with your business cards and are as enthusiastic and prepared about handing them out as you are. Keep your own supply well-stocked so that you can always be ready to give more to your networking partners when they're running low.

Business cards are more important than ever for marketing your business in this age of email and impersonal digital marketing. Contact us today to start designing and printing your business cards.