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Why uptime is critical for the trucking business and how it can be achieved

Why uptime is critical for the trucking business and how it can be achieved

Tuesday May 02, 2017,

3 min Read

Uptime is paramount in truck operations, and operators are fighting it out to ensure that they achieve at least 95 percent uptime. It is quite a challenging task to achieve this target, but the farther you are away from it, lesser will be your reliability in operations. It will adversely impact the business that you can hardly afford. Each day the truck is off the road, it can cost you $1000, and you need to avoid it at all cost. The trucking industry holds a high value for the services that it provides to the customers. Thus, providing on time service every time is the motto of all trucking companies. To achieve it, you need to maintain the fleet of trucks in the best condition so that it encounters minimum downtime. Let us take a look at how you can achieve it.

Pay attention to preventive maintenance

Anticipating problems before it occurs and nipping many potential problems in the bud is the only way to avoid being hit by problems. This philosophy has to be followed to ensure that the trucks are always up and running. You need to have a plan for preventive maintenance of the vehicles so that periodical checkups can detect problems early and you can fix them in time. In the process, the entire vehicle is thoroughly checked at regular intervals so that minor issues do not go out of control later. Preventive maintenance will also ensure that the vehicles will pass well through the annual inspection of the department of transportation (DOT). The confidence of fleet owners gets a boost as they know that the fleet of vehicles will always perform up to the expectations.

Choose the right workshop

Work with technicians who know their jobs, are well trained and preferably certified by the vehicle manufacturer. Select a workshop that provides top class service that meets your expectations of delivering superior services. The manufacturer can guide you in choosing the workshop that is capable of delivering top quality service. Recognizing the need to support the trucking industry in a better way, truck manufacturers have geared up the workshops under their control to provide efficient service in minimum time. The maintenance protocols of these workshops have been re-configured so that you can maximize vehicle up time. Go Truck Capital can assist you in finding the right manufacturer so that you get of proper after sales service that can reduce downtime.

The technology matters

When choosing the workshop, the emphasis should be on how well it is equipped to access the latest technology that can make repairs fast and reliable. As trucks are manufactured with more sophisticated technologies, making repairs with old fashioned tools and techniques is not possible. Certified workshops have access to the online diagnostics and repair tools of the manufacturer that ensures all kinds of repairs, no matter how complex it might be, are carried out under one roof. It saves a lot of time.

Caring for trucks properly and using the right resources for its maintenance is the key to attaining higher up time that translates into better business.