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HiGrit, legal platform for startups

HiGrit, legal platform for startups

Saturday July 02, 2016,

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When a startup commences, Founders often find themselves lost in gamut of formalities to ensure everything goesright with their initiative. One essential thing every startup in India struggles with is the incorporationof their business and queries associated with it-Which kind of company registrationto go for? What are the compliances to raise funds? Should the cofounders have an agreement? What benefits toget from government and how to qualify for the same? The list goes on, and confusions smears. HiGrit.com is trying to bring ease to entrepreneur community byhelping them with incorporation, tax registration, agreements and other compliance support.

“We had an extraordinary response from Chartered Accountants (CA) and legal advisors. We have helped few startups already and they have always returned for more services and advice. Their feedback is very motivating. We are right now in talks with many incubators so to help their incubateeswith our services.” says Manish Singh Co-Founder HiGrit.com and graduate from IIT Kharagpur and HEC, Paris. There are so many initiatives taken by government to nurture entrepreneurship in India but due to lack of information and communication gap, the young startups are not able to avail all the benefits.HiGrit fills this gap by providing various array of services from incorporation to tax registration to tax filing to trademark registration and more, with transparency in process and convenience of ecommerce.

Other co-founder Ashish Bais says”We understand the background and the fuss foundersare surrounded with while they are busy working for their venture. We are technical people enabling the existing legal infrastructure to assist India’s entrepreneurs.”

HiGrit is soon going to launch a service for startup advice where a budding startup could make an instant phone call to get all the advice they need to make sure their startup is compliantwith the law and also they reap all the benefits of government schemes.

HiGrit.com is India’s fastest growing legal website, with an Alexa Indian ranking of under 12,500 in 3 weeks since launch! HiGrit has received initial seed fund from seasoned entrepreneurs from Chandigarh, who have partnered with HiGrit to disrupt the traditional,tedious &confusing compliance processes.