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5 careless mistake you need to avoid in a testing phase of mobile application performance

Today mobile application become most important part of people life.Mobile Application makes human life effortless and effective.But the things for a business is providing those type of application that error and bug-free.Making those type of application by which people are more dependent on your application.The things that you have to care about final is testing.This article showing 5 step that you have to follow.

5 careless mistake you need to avoid in a testing phase of mobile application performance

Monday December 11, 2017,

7 min Read


Do you mind that several time listens about an application from your friend?

Do you want happened with you as me with your application?

By listening that you immediately getting an app to uninstalled along with some bad reviews and even you too spread to the world about that application.

Do you figure out why this happened to your business mobile application?

Yes, there are bugs, bugs, and more bugs and followed by a crash and shut off. As the result drives your user engagement away.

If you after resolved the issue still already visited user never came to twice return.

"Precaution is always be better than cure" - you heard it and I am too. Now I applied and you have too also. This is time to implement it.

Do you know that more than 75% ration of app download and open once and never come to second time. Yes that is true. Please look at following graph


Do you know that how many application pour from Google and Apple app store in each day?


Do you think as mine - "The process of mobile app development is something’s similar to blog writing"?

Let think through scenario - when you start to write article so you make some mistake, some sentence error, some misfit words, some grammatically mistake like active voice and passive voice, forget about a, an and the noun and many more. Once article finished you start to read article twice or thrice, make some correction and even some few add article on tools to see article is error free before it reach finally to public.

Let compare scenario with mobile app development - The same things happened with app development. First design, after coding or development and once done so before deployment and reach to end user the application must be tested to detect, rectify error and remove bugs.

In absence of testing mobile developer makes mistake many times frequently again and again while upload to app store. Hamilton said. "I had something important to do, doctor check-ups and those sorts of things, which I felt were more important for getting myself here at 100%."

User are come to business application while they face any issue and try to figure solve from business application. If they download your business application and not find solution so write bad review followed by uninstalled, even influenced other people to not install your business application.

Hence it is very necessary to look at below 5 things to be consider while testing mobile application.

1- Care of regression testing

Problem happened in -

[Regression testing is process of testing changes i.e. application is still running smooth by new code and not affect new code to older code and their functionality].

During development process tester is fail to focusing on new code and new script and not figure out development at the result performance issued arise.

Practices to be made -

The only things you need to care about in regression testing is conducting regular basis regression testing both automate regression testing and manually themselves regression testing.

- Regular contact with developer regards what new things and new code implemented

- Applied full regression testing on basis of continuous process

- Try to automated regression testing on every check if possible too or even on daily basis at least.

- Setup tools and reporting automated system that provide matrices and result on regularly basis so developer in stay informed with that issue to figure out in development phase.

2- Focus on customer demand satisfaction

Problem happened in -

Tester is only focus on remove bug, error and logical problem. What if your application is not on position to satisfied user? Yes even your application is 100% error and bug free still you not able to generate more revenue from application.

Practices to be made -

Consumer demand satisfaction is also key part to be consider by tester and figure out whether application is resolve all issue while user troubleshoot their issue by your application.

- For knowing what consumer need are, contact your marketing team

- Try to figure out in business application that before promoting application, consumer issue is resolved.

- Figure out your business application is heavily load with stand of demand

3- Focus on UI & UX

Problem happened in -

When user came to application first things they interact with your look and feel before they browse anything in your business application. So tester is responsible to figure out UI and UX that all engagement content and grab consumer content on first screen itself which they browse first.

Practices to be made -

Application need to be easy to use, easy to understand, makes user educative, error free in design constraint, effective design of end goal to your services.

- To know what consumer like and dislike contact your marketing team. They give you idea.

- Figure out what user more like in UI and UX by browsing most downloaded your industry application.

- Try to figure whether application is not hard to grab our message.

4- Use emulator and device at particular moment

Problem happened in -

Tester is sometime heavily depends on emulator and as result they missing out key information regards quality, performance and user experience. Do you know why because overuse emulator will not provide you with key information on how they perform in real time and how perform on specific device and network, how dealing with bandwidth, how connectivity issue happened and more stuff. Even more dependency of physical devices not give idea about scale load on the application.

Practices to be made -

So as of now we discussed that some drawback of physical devices and emulator. So we recommended to use mix of both to check health and wealth of your business mobile application.

- use real devices with real carrier network to check true experience of your mobile application

- pull emulator with simulated browsers and check browser capability for automated functional and regression testing

- use load testing tools with emulator to check scale and load test under pressure

5- Focus on geographical location of application

Problem happened in -

Let play with real, your user who browsing your business application is not stay with you in on room. Technically if we talks so user can browse and use your business application from globe. Do you know when user travel from country to country so happened huge variation in bandwidth and there for download speed? So in short your consumer is feel different experience based on where they are in world and that is how something we think about on that also.

Practices to be made -

Just ask yourself how your application is interact with in different location, different region and on vary network? By this question answer will determine realistic test scenario. Key component is accurate testing on load of multiple geographies.

- Task to be first figure out is where user can access your application. Create geographical database based on historical database.

- talk with marketing team to detail overview of target audience, plan and promotion just to predicate of where to load and coming in future.

So what next?

Catch problem before they start to roll out in your business. We know and accept that mistake happened. But if we can't able to learn from that mistake and happened twice in future that is our fault. These five mistake is easily help to get more revenue but when you know what to do. Also help to do proper testing with effective manner. Understand that a good and qualified tester test application early an find bug as well as fix problem while that came to front. We only follow rule - "don't be wait for arise, take a step and dead before they do to you”. Earlier solve problem help to you to decrease waste of time, resources and money. Even earlier testing help to you in long run.

Conclusion -

So testing is most important part to be figure out. Even in testing above five things is always keep in mind. Things about if you are business owner than choose best mobile app development company while you give task to build mobile application. Because if they have experience so they know each and every things of above and deliver to you error free application and highly user prospective mobile application. Even a good development company know how to build application on highly user perspective.